Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Colwell Dropped From WNIT

Well-known political reporter Jack Colwell has been dropped by WNIT from his participation in two popular TV shows, "Politically Speaking" and "Michiana Week". Colwell has hosted "Politically Speaking" for the past 18 years and has served as moderator of "Michiana Week" for the past 3 years. The South Bend Tribune's James Wensits reports:

Colwell was circumspect when asked to explain his departure."I believe the station wanted to head in some different direction with which I wasn't comfortable," Colwell said, adding that he didn't want to elaborate. "I wish WNIT well," he said. "Public television is very important.""We're sorry to see him go," said Mary Pruess, station manager. "This was his decision, not ours."

Colwell is a former political reporter for the South Bend Tribune. He still contributes columns to the newspaper.

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