Thursday, August 17, 2006

Now There's A Smuggling Probe In Sheriff Anderson's World

Sheriff Frank Anderson (D) takes the second hit today from a Star report that an investigation is being launched into a community corrections guard allegedly smuggling cell phones and tobacco into the Community Corrections facility at 143 E. Maryland, which houses 340 inmates. The Star's Vic Ryckaert, who also broke the witness tampering scandal within the sheriff's department in today's paper, writes:

A Marion County Community Corrections guard is under investigation for allegedly smuggling cell phones and tobacco into a corrections facility.

Tony Gill, 37, quit his job Tuesday after officials confronted him with a stash of cell phones and tobacco found hidden in a wall at the detention unit on the second floor of Community Corrections headquarters, 147 E. Maryland St., Director Brian Barton said.

There are beds for 340 inmates in the headquarters.“He refused to submit to a search, quit and walked out,” Barton said. “If there’s enough evidence there, we will file charges.”

The Marion County Sheriff’s Department’s internal affairs unit is investigating, Barton said.

Sheriff Anderson, who most thought was a sure bet for re-election, isn't looking so invulnerable these days. People might begin asking who his Republican opponent, Steve Davis, is.


Anonymous said...

Steve Davis is a joke.

Frank by 15, at least.

Anonymous said...

We can't afford not to support Steve Davis for Sheriff. Public Safety has been lost in this admin quest to merge with the Sheriff in charge. Neighborhoods have to ask, what happens when the Mayor is no longer in charge of the police department. Matt Tully pointed this out last week in his article.

IPD moved away from community policing, as headlined in the paper, to put more officers on the street. This hampers efforts to build capacity within neighborhoods and hold individual deputy chiefs accountable.

The "joke" centers on that we were told 200 extra officers, stronger code enforcement, and a World Class City neighborhood by neighborhood. You can only hold onto the theory that crime is rising on a national level, so its bound to rise in Indy, before you notice someone is stealing your car - or shooting you at the local Starbucks.

Check it out for yourself on the Indygov web page, you can map your neighborhood stats, crime is out of control from 6 years of forgetting to move ahead on the issue.

In that sense, the joke is on us!

Sir Hailstone said...

anonymous 10:48 ... obviously a Democratic troll.

Frank Anderson is the joke here. Yeah it sounded great - former US Marshal yadda yadda - but his politics has clouded his law enforcement judgement. If the unthinkable - having Dems at all three positions - Mayor, Sheriff, and Prosecutor it'll be open season for criminals to operate in Marion County.

Anonymous said...

Dems in all three positions....hmmmm...sorta like it was here, for most of 35 years, with Republicans in control?

That huge sound you hear out there, is the Marion Co. Republican Party dying. It isn't pleasant to watch, and the wingnuts have taken over.

The party of Bradford and Cottey is finally going the way of the dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the three people (other than his family who anonymously contact the newspaper looking for coverage) who know who Steve Davis is must be posting on this blog!

Sir Hailstone said...

Anon 3:54 ... get your head out of your @$$ and you might see something other than what the left-wingers are obviously spoonfeeding you.

Anonymous said...

wow hailstone who peed in your cereal?

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Anderson, protector of the people...

Well, how about battered women. I guess it's okay if you are a public official... Beat the crap out of a woman, send her to the hospital then get with all the politicians at the city and fix-it. Well, Sherriff Anderson we know you looked the other way and we know who beat whom...Maybe that's why no one allowed him any input into the consolidation. But you could have done your job and protected that battered young lady.

What about driving while intoxicated? I guess it's okay if you are a Deputy Sherriff who works for Tony "deadhead" Duncan. Mr. Birdsong, we know about you, and Sheriff Anderson we know you called the jail and DEMANDED that he be released from jail...

How can the criminals police the criminals? There is no discernment.

We need need government in Indianapolis.