Monday, August 02, 2010

More Words Of Wisdom From Rep. Pete Stark

Art Linkletter had a popular TV show called "Kids Say The Darndest Things" when I was growing up. We could start a whole new TV series called "Members of Congress Say The Dumbest Things." U.S. Rep. Pete Stark would become the immediate star of the show. Stark has become infamous for his stupid comments and the often insulting tenor of his townhall meetings that have been highlighted on numerous YouTube clips. At his latest townhall meeting, Stark tells a constituent there really isn't anything the federal government can't do.


M Theory said...

If the federal government can do anything, then why pretend to have a Constitution at all?

Covenant60 said...

Blame the voters for electing people like this. Way too many people are allowed to vote. Only people who pay net taxes should be allowed to vote.

M Theory said... are on to something when you suggest that only people who pay net taxes should get to vote.

In fact, the IRS could mail everyone who does pay net taxes a voting voucher with a serial number that can be checked when you vote.

That way people who don't file taxes or people who live off others, don't have a say in who is elected and how the money is spent.

Covenant60 said...

Yes it would be a simple solution. If you file a tax return as an individual or jointly with a spouse, and there is tax liability on line 60... even if it is only a dollar... then you get to vote.

Otherwise... you dont.

The IRS could easily enforce this. The 16000 extra IRS agents would be better spent doing this than health care.

If we dont fundamentally reform the laws on who gets to vote... our republic is doomed.

As Toqueville himself observed, once the people discover that they can raid the public treasury, it is over.

Besides, it is a conflict of interest to allow people who dont pay income taxes to vote themselves more money from those who do.

Gary R. Welsh said...

While it is true that many Americans now pay no federal income tax, everyone pays taxes of some kind. People who cash their welfare checks and then use it to buy lottery tickets, cigarettes and liquor are paying taxes every time they make a purchase. Every time you fill your car up with gas, you're paying a tax. Every time you pay a utility bill, you're paying a tax. Every time you stop at a fastfood restaurant and purchase food, you're paying a tax.

Covenant60 said...

That may be true... but lets not try to outsmart ourselves out of a solution. It is impossible to track all those taxes.

So we should use income tax liability. It is simple and intuitive. It is the largest tax that most people pay. And it is the largest source of income for the government.

dcrutch said...

I believe it's inexcusable when an egalitarian-centric, redistribute-mania hits- yet there's no comparable pursuit of personal responsibility for and by all citizens. Reform the Federal income tax system, eliminate the complexity and loopholes- Yes, Please. I'm at the point I don't care as much if it's "flat" or "fair" as much as can it can be put on a postcard and everybody has to pay something.

I've been in love with theoretical socialism since being a teenager. It's eternal drawback is there is no egalitarian production relative to the desired redistribution of the output. I LOVE co-ops where they thrive. However, they depend on everybody chipping in, or sooner of later it gets ugly.

That's why until we evolve as a species, or at least a more universal evolution of our customs and expectations as citizens, I think the imperfect capitalist democratic republic, may be always need pursuit of corruption, a need for constant vigilance- but what's better?

I suggest not what Mr. Stark would recommend.

Carlos F. Lam said...

Damn, Peter Stark gives me so much hope for the United States: if that dude can be elected to Congress, then pretty much anybody can!