Friday, August 06, 2010

May Plans To Run PAC While Working As City Employee?

I found this item in the latest edition of Ed Feigenbaum's Indiana Legislative Insight of interest:

Unsuccessful CD 07 primary candidate Carlos May (R), the new director of Latino Affairs for Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard (R), teams with Ben Roeger of Westfield to open the May November Group, a state political action committee that plans to work and solicit funds for campaigns that the new PAC finds appropriate.
Hmmm. The May November Group has a website here, which states the PAC was founded by Carlos May. It is advertising a fundraiser for four GOP House candidates with Congressman Mike Pence on August 19th. "The May November Group invites you to a reception with Congressman Mike Pence in support of four GOP Indiana House Candidates," the announcement reads. "It is crucial that we take back these four seats. With your continued support of these extremely qualified candidates we Can & Will take these seats back!" Isn't there suppose to be some ethics restriction on city employees soliciting campaign contributions? Oh well, I'm sure he cleared it with city legal.


Hoosier in the Heartland said...


The city's worried about what's legal?

Since when?

Marycatherine Barton said...

It appears that Carlos May is more than willing to be just another slimy politician.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Unfortunately, the Republican Party seems as bad as the Democratic Party these days in breeding a culture of dependence on government jobs for one's livelihood. Government job holders, job seekers and contractors are the only ones thriving in the Republican Party. People who are Republicans as a matter of principle are no longer wanted by the party.

Flipper said...

Carlos wife Risa, Tony Samuals and Josh Gonzolas are running the May November Group. Carlos is a dynamic, hardworking, honest and trustworthy person. Part of the reason he lost was he is independent and wouldn't take orders from Tom John.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Carlos is the one who filed the paperwork to establish the PAC with the Elections Division less than a week ago. His wife's name doesn't appear on the filing.

artfuggins said...

It appears that Carlos is satisfied to be a pimp for Tom John.

Bill said...


So what is the big deal here.I think that it is a brilliant move on Mays part.Great name for the company also I may add.

It will help him in his future political plans.His campaign probably cosy him a ton,let me the man work.I dont get your costant hounding of him.

I also think that it may be a pay back for the way that Tom John treated him.Payback will be a bitch.The MCRCC has no money and Carlos wil have a nice war chest that Tom would love to have.

That being said, I just hear on the news that the local bloggers weere the ones that called out Straub and the Chief...that was obvisouly you.Congratulations, nice job..

Cato said...

At 2:22, Gary nails it.

So much for the GOP being for small government. If you're in the family, you're taken care of.