Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Massa Launches First TV Ad In Prosecutor's Race

Mark Massa, the Republican candidate for prosecutor in Marion County, has launched the first TV ad in his race against Democrat Terry Curry. It's an introductory biograpical ad that touts his experience as a federal and state prosecutor and is well done.


Bill said...

Brizzi, Brizzi, Brizzi, Brizzi, Brizzi, Brizzi ,Brizzi....get the point.

Mark Massa could be the second coming of Christ, but when the Democrats start with the Brizzi/Massa/Durham connection, it;s all over..Sorry Tommy

Unknown said...

Give it to Mark Massa for including Carl Brizzi in his first commerical

It's only a small part, but you can see Brizzi in Massa's first commercial around 17 seconds into it

Brizzi is wearing an orange jump suit and is being escorted to a cell by a police officer

I'm sure this is only the begining of Brizzi being featured in Massa's campaign

It promises to be a fun campaign season for Carl Brizzi!!!

Jon Easter said...

I actually agree with you. The spot is well done. Now, if Massa were just as exciting as his ad. Unfortunately, I've heard he never wanted the job until his benefactor, Mitch Daniels, approached him, personally.

We need a break from the last 16 years of Newman/Brizzi.