Saturday, August 21, 2010

IMPD's Top Brass At Bisard Crash Scene

This report by Fox 59 News' Kimberly King brings home just how much is at stake concerning IMPD's handling of the investigation of David Bisard. A number of the top brass at IMPD were at the crash scene shortly after Bisard's police cruiser struck two motorcyclists, leaving one dead and two seriously injured. Assistant Chief Darryl Pierce and Deputy Chief Ron Hicks, the number two and number three officers in charge of IMPD under Chief Paul Ciesielski are there. Lt. Larry Jahnke, who heads up Internal Investigations is at the scene. Major John Conley is there as is Sgt. Doug Heustis, head of traffic investigations and reconstruction, was at the scene. Lt. Stan Stephens of the fatal alcohol crash team (FACT) accompanied Bisard to the Methodist Occupational Health Clinic where that flawed blood alcohol test was taken. King notes in her report that video footage of Bisard at the crash scene shows him wearing sunglasses. Police would typically want to observe the eyes of a driver involved in a traffic accident of this severity to look for signs of intoxication, an observation they couldn't make while he was wearing sunglasses.

UPDATE: The Mayor, Chief Paul Ciesielski and Public Safety Director Frank Straub conducted a press conference this afternoon at which they announced the demotions of Assistant Chief Darryl Pierce, Deputy Chief Ron Hicks and Major John Conley, all of whom were at the accident scene on the day of this fatal accident. According to the Star, the three are being returned to their merit positions within the ranks. Their failure to communicate to their superiors is cited for the reason behind their demotions. Apparently Chief Ciesielski is getting no blame for failed leadership on this case. Straub's conduct is predictable. He's in front of the cameras to take credit for anything good IMPD does, and he is in front of the cameras to lay blame for anything bad IMPD does.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

I know Fox 59's ace crack reporter keeps harping on sunglasses, but a LOT of people had sunglasses on, and it appears to be a very bright day.

Southsider said...

CT, I agree... they kept showing the same group of Officers and the majority of them were wearing sun glasses. It would be nice to view the entire video not just the edited part shown to viewers.
Unless the brass as well as Fox 59 was close by, I'd say that video was taken 20 minutes or more after the accident.
As far as their 'ace crack reporter' I tend to use the remote when she's on.. she does not impress me. Side note I noticed today's Star section B page 2 had a small article about the better image of IMPD....rushing in a burning residence to get a person out..... evidently not a page one story. I hope he get's at least a nice letter in his file.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I'm pretty sure if I'm the driver in a fatal accident, the officer makes me take my sunglasses off.

Unknown said...

So, with all these members of the brass there, and the accident reconstructioninst there, why was lt. George Crooks removed from his position as head of the fatal crash unit? wouldn't he play ball?

Why not give the man who caused the crash a breath test. The did the woman who was stopped in front of the cyclists.

I hate to break the news to you "southsider", it happens to be his job to do that. The rest of us don't need constant atta boys, and if we commit crimes, we don't have a concerted coverup fixing it for us.

If you read the criminal gang statute, it would describe IMPD these days.

Blog Admin said...

Southsider, newspapers operate differently from television news. You can't always fit a story onto page 1 if it happens too late in the day. And with the gutting of staff Gannett is supposed to have done, I doubt they have enough reporters to cover everything.

I do know that the event you reference was on the front page of a number of the television news sites.

Southsider said...

From Luther's post.." I hate to break the news to you "southsider", it happens to be his job to do that. The rest of us don't need constant atta boys, and if we commit crimes, we don't have a concerted coverup fixing it for us."
If you had comprehended what I posted you would have figured out that the GOOD actions of IMPD got buried.
Going to be 70 soon..I like the good over the bad...

DazedAndConfusedInIndy said...

Actually it is not a police officers job to have anything to do with a burning building other than calling for the fire dept. The are not trained in fire rescue at all and at times are yelled at by fire fighters for doing it. When they run in like that and risk their lives for their fellow citzens they do because most of them have something that makes them have to do something. A cop who does that isn't "just" anything and to say so is crazy.

Marycatherine Barton said...

I attended Friday's protest of the dropping of many charges against Bisard, and determined though the families of the female victim and deceased, are deeply, deeply sorrowful, not one official representing Indianapolis, has in any way offered them sympathy, much less an apology. As a sovereign citizen, I did so. The ex-husband who sent Ballard asking for an apology was so hoping that he would show up for the rally, though not expecting him to show such consideration.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Paul, I don't know that at some point, the officer was asked/told to remove his sunglasses. Then put them back on like almost everyone else.
I'm also pretty sure that he would have removed them or asked to remove them at the medical facility.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break the news to you "southsider", it happens to be his job to do that.

Hate to break it to you luther, but it is not the job of a police officer to run into a burning residence fire. That would be the job of firefighters, who are equipped with specialized gear that police officers don't have.