Wednesday, August 25, 2010

IMPD Roundup

There's lots of news today on the latest investigations concerning police misconduct at IMPD. Here's a rundown of what's making news today:

  • Chief Paul Ciesielski is recommending the firing of Officer Matt Elam, who is accused of wrecking his police car and hiring a private collision repair business to make repairs to his car rather than reporting it to the department and having it repaired at the city garage. A Marion County grand jury investigation is trying to determine whether criminal charges should be filed against Elam.
  • CVS has been ordered by a Marion County judge to preserve surveillance video footage that may show Officer David Bisard purchasing alcohol sometime prior to the collision that left one motorcyclist dead and two others seriously injured.
  • Mayor Greg Ballard attempted to visit one of the victim's of Bisard's crash, Kurt Weekly, at Methodist Hospital but was turned away.
  • Mayor Ballard has agreed to meet with local black ministers to discuss issues with IMPD.
  • IMPD has launched a separate investigation of the alleged altercation between Indiana State Police Officer Wayne Billings and IMPD DeputyChief William Benjamin at IMPD headquarters. ISP announced yesterday it had launched a separate investigation and placed Officer Billings on administrative duty.
  • An audio recording supposedly captures the verbal argument between ISP Officer Wayne Billings and Deputy Chief William Benjamin.
  • Public Safety Director Frank Straub thinks there is a conspiracy of opportunists to oust him as public pressure mounts for his firing.
  • And finally, controversial radio talk show host Abdul Hakim Shabazz is fanning the flames of a conspiracy theory involving Lacy Johnson, black ministers and Melina Kennedy to turn black voters against Ballard.


Indy4U2C said...

Frank Straub, Indianapolis does NOT need you.

Your New York Liberalism and imperial command are not what this community wants.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Is Kurt Weekly no longer in a coma? Perhaps his medical condition is why Ballard was turned away. I am wondering if he visited with the other victim, whose ex had reached out to him, by email.

Re our local officers of the law, some neighbors are upset to see several of them gathered together, cars out front, at a pub, for lunch. It was on channel 6.

Thanks for trying to keep up with all this, AI. It was disturbing to hear that Cielieski's reply to a reporters' question about the greater number of complants about the police being filed, by saying, that they were mainly unfounded.

DazedAndConfusedInIndy said...

Conspiracy? What arrogance! Of course it has nothing to do with the DOCTOR'S horrible leadership style!

Bill said...

You missed one.

Today it wil be announced that all cell phone records are being gathered from the Chief and Bishard. As it turns out the Chief was aware of everything that was going on. He even talked with Bishard.

But you wont see that in the star unless Tom John tells them to printit.

I understand in the next few days that you wil see a goup of IMPD officers come out and start talking.They have had it with Adolf Straub

DazedAndConfusedInIndy said...

I think "Herr Doctor" will be a good name for him.