Friday, August 13, 2010

Brizzi Received Loan From Durham According To Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant for the bankruptcy trustee of Fair Finance Co., the Ohio company Indianapolis businessman Tim Durham plundered, did loan money to Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi according to a story in today's Star by Jon Murray and Mary Beth Schneider. "Joe Esmont, [Brian] Bash's attorney, confirmed that a forensic accountant discovered an entry showing a $43,000 outstanding balance owed by Brizzi on a loan of some sort from Fair Holdings, Fair Finance's parent." "But details were scant." "I have no knowledge of a loan from Fair Finance," Brizzi told the Star.

This news item was part of a story covering the trustee's attempts to get a number of politicians in Indiana, including Brizzi and Gov. Daniels, to return close to a million dollars in campaign contributions Durham made to their political campaign. Brizzi received a total of $240,000 in donations from Durham, the most of any candidate, while Daniels collected $195,000. Daniels hasn't decided whether to return his donations. Brizzi is more reluctant. "I don't think it's fair to spend my Indiana investors' money to compensate (Durham's) Ohio investors." Although Brizzi isn't seeking re-election, he has about a half million dollars remaining in his campaign accounts. The bankruptcy trustee may seek a court order for the return of the funds if they don't voluntarily return them. Other bankruptcy experts aren't certain that the trustee can force them to return the money according to the story. "To put it very simply, when a Durham entity donated to your cause, it was with money taken from Fair's investors," read the letter from the trustee.

Yesterday, State Rep. Ed DeLaney (D) called on them to return their money, which also includes money Democratic U.S. Rep. Baron Hill received from Durham. "That needs to be done to restore the confidence of the people in this state, as well as people in the bankruptcy system, that we are playing fair." DeLaney said of the donations, "In effect, Indiana campaigns and campaign organizations and political parties are being funded from the funds of Ohio retirees without the consent of those retirees."


Marycatherine Barton said...

It is great that both the Marion County Republican Party chair and candidate for county prosecutor called for Carl Brizzi to resign, and Ed Treacy, the county Democrat's, should do the same, as, of course, should the county Libertarians. He is an abomination as Marion County Prosecutor, and merely mouthing his name is an unpleasant experience.

Unknown said...

Carl Brizzi belongs in jail

Brizzi took money, gifts, and cash from Tim Durham, John Bales, and Paul Page

A motorcyle, a very expensive watch, trips, stocks, a sewer system in his back yard that rivals what most cities have, equity in buildings, prescription drugs, women, and lots of cash.... And all of it "free"

From insider trading... To giving lighter sentences to certain criminals in exchange for cash... To accepting a postion on a board to defraud investors.... To getting kick backs from vendors he helped get work... Brizzi's corruption is substantial

Carl Brizzi needs to loose his law license and spend time in prison

Brizzi is a crook