Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ben Quayle: "Knock The Hell Out Of The Place"

Nobody can accuse Arizona congressional hopeful and former Hoosier Ben Quayle of being anything like his father. He has demonstrated a willingness to punch back hard against his primary opponent's criticism of him. In his latest ad, he calls Barack Obama the worst president in American history. He decries drug cartels in Mexico and tax cartels in Washington. And he says someone needs to go to Washington and "knock the hell out of the place."

It looks like the Brock Landers controversy isn't going to die easily for Quayle. Check out this TV news report from Arizona last night. Quayle now seems to be admitting he posted some comments on the former gossip site, DirtyScottsdale, but he can't remembers what he said. He said he was just trying to help drive traffic to the site. He has certainly succeeded in that with this controversy for his campaign.


artfuggins said...

Apparently Ben has already forgotten the presidency of George W. Bush. History will treat him as one of the worst or the worst president of the U.S. This ad was rather sophomoric. He sounds like a spoiled rich kid who thinks he is entitled to an office.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Coming from a person who thinks Andre Carson is a swell congressman, art, your observations about Quayle are rather sophomoric.

Nick said...

At least Quayle never blatantly lied by claiming he was called vile racial slurs by his opponents.

Even though there is still no proof of what Julia's "seed" said, his supporters no doubt still believe him.