Tuesday, August 24, 2010

State Police Investigating Officer's Clash With IMPD Officer

An online Star report today says the Indiana State Police has launched an investigation into an alleged altercation between one of its state troopers and an IMPD officer at the department's headquarters downtown.  "Master Trooper Detective Wayne Billings was the state police officer involved in the interaction with the IMPD officer," according to a news release by state police spokesman Sgt. Anthony Emery. "Billings is a 30-year veteran of the Indiana State Police presently assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division at the Indianapolis State Police Post." According to the Star, Billings has been placed on administrative duty at the Indianapolis State Police post until resolution of the internal investigation.

The Star doesn't name the IMPD officer with whom Billings butted heads. An earlier report by WTHR, however, identified a state trooper as having an altercation at IMPD heaquarters with Deputy Chief William Benjamin. WTHR reported several days ago on the altercation:

A longtime Indiana State Trooper is coming under scrutiny for his actions toward another law enforcement agency.

The trooper got into a heated argument after walking into the office of a metro police official in downtown Indianapolis. Now his bosses at State Police headquarters have questions about what happened.

So far, Indiana State Police have not called for an internal investigation, but they want to know what happened.

The confrontation happened late Tuesday evening at the Metro police headquarters inside the City County Building. The state trooper cleared through security and proceeded to the second floor.

Once there, the trooper went to the office of Deputy Chief William Benjamin. That's where sources tell Channel 13 the trooper started an argument with Benjamin.

Channel 13 has also learned that another high ranking Metro Police official stepped in, possibly drew his weapon and told the trooper to leave.

Media Relations personnel at the Indiana State Police post declined our interview request on the matter. But inside sources did tell us the trooper in question has about 30 years experience and works as a detective for ISP.

It seems obvious the two reported incidents arose out of the same occurrence. It's not clear what the purpose of Billings' visit to IMPD's headquarters was.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

But of course Benjamin is still on the job.

Gary R. Welsh said...

What did Benjamin do wrong, CT?

Unknown said...

I know for a fact that the entire incident was recorded by Det. Billings and when (or if) the audio is released heads should roll at IMPD. He was set up for a fall and was smart enough to have a recorder. That is why the State Police are elite and IMPD are losers.

Unknown said...

Ask IMPD about the recording that Det. Billing made. It proves that IMPD are a bunch of jerks. Heads should roll.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

If he was in the same fight as the trooper (who is on admin leave) why isn't Benjamin?

Concerned Taxpayer said...

And why would another IMPD high-ranking officer pull his weapon? And is he still working?
Is there some kind of different standard here for IMPD people?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm not sure ISP is exactly an elite force, Honda. They hired a neighbor of mine a couple of years ago, who everyone knew to be a hot-headed drunk. The guy's ex-wife even called ISP and warned about his alcoholism and him crashing an emergency vehicle while working as an EMT while he was flat on his ass drunk. ISP hired him anyway. Less than a year later, he got busted for roughing up a guy outside a bar because he wouldn't move his car so he could park his police cruiser in front of the bar. He got fired along with the other poor state cop who made the mistake of choosing him as a friend and who tried to cover up for him.

Vox Populi said...

Wonder if it had something to do with the Bisard case.

Unknown said...

Rumour has it, it is a "personal dispute" regarding Benjamin's social life. Hint-hint.

You'll never hear another thing about it.