Friday, August 27, 2010

Shabazz Claims His Call For Police Beatings Was Taken Out Of Context

The Star's Robert King becomes the first member of the mainstream media to call attention to controversial radio talk show host Abdul Hakim Shabazz' past advocacy for police beatings to help bring crime under control in Indianapolis. I first posted about it two years ago and reminded readers of his comments when Mayor Greg Ballard and Public Safety Director Frank Straub announced Shabazz was being appointed to a newly-formed public safety advisory board, even though Shabazz admits he is an Illinois resident and not a resident of the city. King writes in a story discussing Democratic calls for the firing of Straub about Shabazz' controversial statements:

Brian Mahern, a City-County Council Democrat, called for the resignation of Public Safety Director Frank Straub -- the third time he had issued such a call. This time, he and fellow Democrats Melina Kennedy, a 2011 mayoral contender, and Maggie Lewis, a fellow council member, pointed to fresh reasons.

They said Straub should not have commented about Bisard's behavior at the scene of the fatal crash. And they criticized Straub for appointing to an advisory group a certain morning radio talk show host -- Shabazz. They cited a past Shabazz blog post that "what this town needs are a couple of good police beatings."

Shabazz said his comments were taken out of context and that while he approves of a "reasonable use of force" by police, he doesn't advocate brutality. Tom John, chairman of the Marion County Republican Party, made an appearance at the news conference and said, "I maybe gave them too much credit and expected substantive discussion."

Yeah, whatever. Just keeping digging Abdul.

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