Tuesday, February 09, 2016

That Time Barack Obama Called John Kass For Advice

Chicago Tribune political columnist John Kass (you know, the type we're missing here in Indianapolis) recalled in his column today a telephone call he received from a little-known state senator asking for suggestions from the hard-hitting columnist about what he should include on a state ethics bill he was preparing to introduce in Springfield.
Obama wasn't president years ago, when he called me about what to include in his ethics bill. Yes it was obvious, clumsy flattery -— the guy wasn't always so smooth.
I didn't take notes but when I asked him if his call was a joke, Obama said something like this:
"No joke. I'm serious. I want your input on what I should include in my ethics bill."
I told him that state law should mandate that all subcontractors and every guy behind the guys on each and every state contract must list the following:
Cost of materials, the price of every sack of concrete, every truckload of asphalt, and all trucking and labor fees, and all political contributions made.
And it all should be easy to read for federal prosecutors and taxpayers.
"Thank you," he said.
He never called back. But then, if he actually followed my advice, he'd never have been elected to the U.S. Senate. And who wants to get in the way of history?

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leon dixon said...

http://catholiccitizens.org/views/46611/more-insight-from-tom-roesers-blog-chicago-democratic-family-moves-in-at-st-sabina-and-chicago-media-is-reconverted-to-pflagerism/ Not an equal to Kass but Tom Roeser's Blog is a gold mine for anyone wishing facts about Obama. If I were a doctoral fellow I'd have a thesis paper in no time at all.
Tom was never as funny as Kass(who is a national treasure) but he did have a good sense of humor.