Monday, February 15, 2016

Ellspermann Has Competition For Ivy Tech Job

The former mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard, is still searching for a job, and he has apparently set his sights on the Ivy Tech presidency opening that Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann just agreed to give up her job for a chance at assuming according to the Indianapolis Star. It also looks like U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks might be interested in the job as well. She previously served as the school's general counsel.
Ballard declined to comment, but a source close to the former mayor said he had not formally applied for the job.
"I am told that he will," Dora said. “I look for him to put his letter in and his resume. I’ve been told he’s considering it.”
Dora declined to provide any details about a possible congressional candidate.
“I’ve only heard that a congressperson is interested,” he said.
Some sources have speculated that U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks, a former general counsel for Ivy Tech, could be interested.
A spokesperson for Brooks said the congresswoman has not applied for the job. Spokeswoman Kristin Johnson said she was not able to immediately reach Brooks to ask whether Brooks might apply before the deadline of March 15.
It's funny because a knowledgeable source told Advance Indiana over the weekend that Ellspermann was far from locking up the Ivy Tech job, which she must have presumed was her job for the asking when she agreed to resign as lieutenant governor so Eric Holcomb could be named to that position. I wonder what happens if she gets beat out by one of the other candidates?


Anonymous said...

What are the salaries for these positions? Very, very high, no doubt. And with all sorts of benefits to boot.

I cringe to think the uber-corruptocrat Greg Ballard could be hired for the Ivy Tech job. Any one with real knowledge of how HR often works in instances like this knows its an inside game plan.

Ellspermann must be boiling. Did she get double-crossed on push out of and off Pence's ticket???

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is current congressman Young who is interested in finding a staff that can count.

Anonymous said...

These types of high paying jobs with salaries often unhinged from what is left of the private sector- jobs requiring the political pull and connections it sometimes takes to get them- should be abolished.

My D and R politically connected buddy tells me Greg Ballard is unelectable most anywhere in Indiana. I happen to believe that any Hoosier organization worth its salt would consider this totally corrupt and lawless ex-mayor as unemployable.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Brooks family feels it isn't making enough money from Susan's stint as a member of the United States Congress.

Anonymous said...

SB just lost a gig establishment stumping for Christie.