Monday, February 29, 2016

Trump Wins Big NASCAR Endorsements On Eve Of Super Tuesday Primary Elections

As Donald Trump is fond of saying, this is HUUUUGE. With several key southern states casting their votes tomorrow on the Super Tuesday presidential primary election schedule, Trump picked up some big endorsements from NASCAR at a large rally in Valdosta, Georgia this evening. NASCAR CEO Brian France joined Trump on stage to express his support for his campaign as did several current and retired drivers, including Bill Elliott, Chase Elliot, David Ragan and South Bend's Ryan Newman.


Sir Hailstone said...

France family has supported R's for many years, they're reading the tea leaves and think they're hitching their wagon onto the eventual nominee. Interesting though for a sport desperately trying to diversify its talent pool away from the usual white males from the Southeastern US with their Drive for Diversity program, they would jump onto the Trump bandwagon so soon. Compared to open-wheel where the reigning Formula 1 champion is Caribbean born Afro-British Lewis Hamilton, and the top talent in Indycar is hispanic (Montoya et al) or Portuguese/Brazilian (Castroneves, Kanaan, et al)
Recall way back on July 4th, 1984 - President Reagan was invited to Daytona and watched the race in progress for a little while and spent a little time in the broadcast booth (radio only back in those days). Besides having a captive audience for a post-convention campaign stop, I'm sure he was given a private audience with the France family along with some campaign contribution$. David Ragan's family are also long time R's. When his dad Ken Ragan raced in fall of 1984, he had an unsponsored car for one race so he painted "RAGAN FOR REAGAN" on the fenders. David Ragan and the Elliotts are from Georgia so that makes sense, not sure what the purpose was of having Ryan Newman there.
Not mentioned in this article, but Richard Petty was a longtime GOP County Board member and eventual Chairman of his county board. He ran as an R back in the 1990's for Secretary of State but lost after an incident on I-85 in Charlotte where he ran another motorist off the road then drove off. Most people said he must have had flashbacks to his NASCAR days - he pled guilty and paid a fine for leaving the scene.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the GOP made Trump sign the "PLEDGE" but the last time I went to the National site they didn't even mention or show The Donald.

The GOP is proving they are so out of touch with the PEOPLE. The people are banging down the door and telling them what they want, but they think they know what is best for the U.S. and what we should have.

The Donald can get kooky, but America isn't great. America is very much broken. Believe it or not, Trump is not afraid to say things that Reagan would have said, (we start bombing in 5 minutes) - and the people want us to be great. They want jobs in America. This is the language of NASCAR.

The GOP needs to OPEN THEIR EYES AND EARS. They are willing to hand the presidency to a LIAR, Hillary lied and people died, because it isn't THEIR chosen candidate.

I have seen the same thing here in Indiana. Pathetic idiots.