Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bill Maher And Guests Can't Hide Their Glee Over Scalia's Death

You definitely have to hold a certain political perspective to find humor in Bill Maher's comedic style. Maher and his guests Friday night on his HBO show couldn't hide their glee over his death. To Maher, Scalia's death was God's punishment for scuttling Obama's new EPA regulations, which exceeded his executive authority in the eyes of anyone who believes in the rule of law as opposed to dictatorial rule by decree. A true liberal, which I believe Maher considers himself, would oppose executive overreach, even if he likes the substance of its aims, out of pure principal. Maher hopes that Scalia died after becoming angered while watching that very night he died what he said about the order he signed with the Court's four other conservative justices, staying enforcement of those regulations.

Maher didn't stop there. He suggested that Scalia was "put on Earth to remind poor people the law is not your friend." Obviously, Maher never read many of Scalia's opinions or he would know that there was hardly a stronger jurist when it came to protecting the rights of the accused. He blamed him for giving us Bush, clinging to the liberal fable that George W. Bush  only became president because of the Supreme Court's decision in Bush v. Gore, ignoring independent news organizations recount votes that proved the outcome of the race would not have changed had the Florida recount continued. He complained that he found a constitutional right to bear arms, which Maher opines is "so not in the constitution." And one of his guests complained that he believed in the devil, which according to her is a religious belief that should disqualify anyone from serving on the Supreme Court.


Anonymous said...

The man is vile. But, by our lights, so is most media. I've come to trust Breitbart a lot more but it does, as they say, gravel my ass, to have to now acknowledge my liberal friends oft remarked criticisms of FOX. However, a different piece shows that Republican support of FOX has fallen some there is that, in the scales, of the stupid party which is to their credit.....half of them are paying attention?
The vile hater is about all this character is and the absence in him and his programs of the beautiful, the good, the true, are replaced with his version of ugliness. He is a vile propaganda piece for a vile agenda.

Anonymous said...

I don't subscribe to the false left-right dichotomy. That said, it is hard to escape the fact that those who lecture the rest of us about tolerance generally tend to have precious little themselves. In fact, these people are full of hatred and self-loathing. It is obvious. It is a mistake for any nation to give such people power...even a little.

Anonymous said... Gaslighting is just lying by omission? The Indianapolis Star and Gannett have great credentials in this form of lying. Who was NOT fooled? Ann Coulter, and, via her book, Donald Trump. Ultimately, this story is from the New York Times which cannot ever be trusted. They have their own axes to be ground and buried into the skulls of their unsuspecting readers. Some thread ties all of this crap together? Maher is small beer and vile but he is also tied into the giving of false impressions.

Anonymous said...

Since every major religion believes in Satan, the devil, Lucifer or whatever you want to call him, only atheists are qualified to serve on the Supreme Court according to these loons.

Anonymous said...

I am a metro area LGBT. Out, educated, productive, gainfully employed, think for myself. Scalia was a hero to those of us who value the U.S. Constitution and rational, critical thought.

I was appalled to recently see on Facebook members of my community mock the death of this super-intelligent jurist.To the hateful comment posted by a lesbian who made fun of Scalia's death, someone commented "Let the guy rest in peace", the lesbian replied, "well, I thought it (the mockery) was funny."

Really? I wanted to ask this left liberal lesbian if it was if "funny" when her mother died or if it was if "funny" when her father died. I let it go and did not waste my time posting a comment to her hate.

What if the type of hate typified by fools like Bill Maher and the extreme left liberal Democrat automatons of my LGBT community were hurled at John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, or their idol the Marxist Barak Obama? Can you just imagine the howls from hell we would hear?!? And the condemnation for being so "hateful", so "intolerant", so "stupid"???

All of this again vindicates my belief that to be a liberal is, in effect, admitting you have a mental disorder. Liberalism of the far leftist Maher types is nothing but a mental illness.

Pete Boggs said...

That time slot's fitting for the cynical perversions of his night Maher-ish spews; and should be archived for the study of pathologies like faux-gressive statism.