Friday, February 19, 2016

DowDuPont Picks Delaware Over Indiana For Company Headquarters

This really shouldn't come as a surprise. Dow Chemical and DuPont recently announced a merger. Indiana and Indianapolis officials thought they had a good chance at becoming the corporate headquarters for the combined companies. The company revealed today that Wilmington, Delaware, the current home to DuPont, will take that honor, beating out Indianapolis and Des Moines. Some job cuts are anticipated as a result of the merger. Wilmington has already lost 1,700 jobs, while DuPont Pioneer in Iowa has cut 175 workers in Iowa. No job cuts have been announced at Dow AgroSciences in Indianapolis yet.


Anonymous said...

No surprises here. Who the hell wants to come to Indiana-no-place!

Anonymous said...

We've been Penced. Carrier prefers Mexico. Dow prefers Delaware. I know so many people who are leaving or thinking of leaving. It just seems like a backwater. Socially, yes of course, the whole hating gays thing. But its more. Its our inability to tear down our blight. Our inability to manage our federal grants. The sense that our politicians aren't honest. And I hear a lot of grumbling that our lawyers and Judges are dishonest. Just my opinion of course, but look to others to go.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:08: no one can quarrel with someone who wants to leave for whatever reason they give. But it is patronizing of you to assert its 'the whole hating gays thing'. I happen to run in some very conservative circles, not politically, but as in religious folk. All would assert they are against homosexuality but do they hate gays? not at all, there's a difference. Its a shame persons of your ilk do not take the time to discern the difference. does that still make you and your crew want to leave Indiana? fine, I doubt anyone here is begging you to stay. just be careful how you frame it, it can raise your own esteem to thinking people around you.

I am completely with you on the dishonest politicians. However, it seems most judges want to do the right thing and there is finally starting to be some much, much needed turnover. Thanks largely to this website, the political parties are losing their grip on this town, albeit slowly.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes duh Star does print items of interest. I am not sure this fellow is real but it is typical. The Star did print it on their on line forums though an even handed operation would have first, checked it out, then put it on the front page with all their other misleading garbage on this matter. "Owner at E.T Motorsports LLC
I retired from this plant in 2013. I had 44 yrs 6 months and 11 days. I'm sorry but no one in that plant should be shocked at the news of its closing. We have been warned over and over of its closing and moving to Mexico. This is no shock. The corporation has warned out plant to clean its act up. Over 90% of the people was on FMLA and abusing the system. This plant had to carry over 300 extra people to just cover the people that didn't come to work. The waste in the plant was well over the limits. In all my 44 I never made over $70,000 and I had one the high paid jobs and 5th on the Senior list. If any employee is making over $70,000 then their rapping the company in overtime. I feel sorry for the people like myself that worked our buts off the early days so this person can have what they had today. But no, everyone waa warned that if things didn't get better in this plant corporate was going to close it. The union was very aware and did nothing over the years to help save these jobs.
There's much more to this story and people with 10 or so years don't have a clue.
Fred Taylir" Notice, duh Star had no interviews with any managers or any shareholders or any suppliers, or any customers. Duh Star doesn't do journalism?

Pete Boggs said...

This latest departure will help pay for the College Red Lie & Heir-Pork schemes- right?

Anonymous said...

Not exactly germane to this particular move by DowDupont...Everyone claims to dislike the off-shoring of jobs to other countries.....Yet,voters do nothing but reward the politicians who made this possible. After being a lobbyist for years,Dan Coats should never been re-elected.

Pence has been a bit quiet wrt the loss of jobs from the state. Let's not forget the company just north of I-70 and Rhodius Park that made the move to Mexico as well. I wonder how Pence supported such moves by business when he was a congress-critter?

As far as crooked judges.....Well,they seem to be handsomely rewarded for their malfeasance.

It isn't exclusive to Indiana,Hoosiers seem to enjoy rewarding those who continually shit on them.