Monday, February 08, 2016

Proseuctors Say Disgraced Former Park Tudor Basketball Coach Incited Student To Attack Victim

If you thought the story of the former Park Tudor boys basketball coach's sexual victimization of a 15-year old student of the prestigious private school couldn't get any worse, it just did. Federal prosecutors told a federal magistrate today during Kyle Cox's initial appearance that his encouragement to a former male student at the school to mess up the victim actually incited him to physically assault her at the school. As Fox 59 News reported:
Federal prosecutors allege Cox kept in touch with students despite a confidentiality agreement he signed with the school after his termination in December. Prosecutors said in one instance, a male student Cox was in contact with threw the alleged victim and another witness to the ground in a physical altercation at Park Tudor.
The student told Cox about the altercation through text message.
“It would’ve been epic if you would’ve caused a concussion,” a text from Cox read.
Magistrate Judge Debra McVicker Lynch called Cox’s comments “troubling” and cited his “gross immaturity.”
Cox is being held at a federal detention facility in Kentucky.  Judge McVicker ruled over the prosecution's objections that Cox could be allowed out on bail and permitted to stay with his parents in Henry County while awaiting trial, but federal prosecutors are appealing that decision. In the meantime, Judge McVicker has stayed her decision, requiring Cox to remain in federal custody for the time being.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the student harassing the victim has been suspended from Park Tudor? If not,why not?

Scumbags such as Kyle Cox are extremely arrogant. That's good. When convicted that arrogance is going to cost him his safety behind bars. Cox has probably been a spoiled brat for his entire life. That's not gonna play well with his new "roommates". It would serve him right if the result of his arrogant attitude would cause him to have his jaw wired shut for a good portion of his time behind bars. As far as I'm concerned,he's earned the harrowing challenges facing him in the future.

May loneliness and fear be his only companions from this day forward.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing even slightly surprising about any of this. In some ways, Cox's behavior is no different than what I see on a daily basis across Indianapolis. Take BlueIndy, for example. The city's behavior was to ignore ethics, the law and simply do what they pleased. In that case, the taxpayer was the girl. The same with our sports pimps. Again, the taxpayer pays. In fact, everywhere I look in Indy I see Kyle Cox behavior. People who are supposed to be leaders exploit their advantage and prey on those weaker. The so-called watchdogs are absent or silent and, as a result, complicit. They let these clowns run roughshod over good decent people. The only difference between them and Kyle Cox is that his case is so viscerally obvious but in theory, she was just someone weaker he could push around. In that regard, he's no different than the clowns who run this failing dump of a city.

Anonymous said...

The so-called "watch-dogs" are also treated as the Park Tudor victim is. Continually beaten and knocked down, made to look like the one who is criminal for exposing corrupt practices, and being slandered and painted as "crazy" is too difficult for some to endure. It's a battle that can't be sustained or won by an army of one. Those who have fought and surrendered at least dared to enter the political arena. Those who continue the good fight suffer deep wounds that scar them in many ways.