Monday, February 08, 2016

Pot Calls Kettle Black: Bill Clinton Thinks Sanders' Backers Are Sexists

The serial rapist, sexual harasser and former President who turned one of his White House interns into a human humidor has the audacity to claim people who support Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are sexists.


Anonymous said...

Big mistake by Gloria Steinem, Madeline Albright and Bill Clinton to make such comments. This will backfire big time. As a longtime liberal democrat, I have admired the work Steinem and Albright have done. I support women whenever possible but do not do so blindly. There are valid reasons why some of us women do not support Clinton and the reasons have nothing to do with what the republicans have been harping on. Clinton's acquiescing Steinem's and Albright's comments will only encourage fence sitters into Bernie's camp. This feminist, democratic gal has already been supporting him because he is the better candidate.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Gloria Steinem has always been a total fraud. She's entirely a creature of the CIA, a fact long ago exposed and ignored by the mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

Gloria Steinem's college roommate was my law school professor at IU, Dr. June Starr. She's everybit of a CIA "creature" as your are Mr. Welsh. Your hysterics are absolutely over the wall at times.

Flogger said...

Well the Hillary Surrogates Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright and now Gloria Steinem are playing the Gender Card and the Guilt Trip Card. The Hillary Machine is desperate.

Speaking of Madeline though:
Well if there is a special place in Hell Mad Madeline should be in it. See Below:

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Madeline Albright under Bill Clinton.
Here is an exchange with Madeline Albright.
>>> On May 12, 1996, Albright defended UN sanctions against Iraq on a 60 Minutes segment in which Lesley Stahl asked her "We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?" and Albright replied "we think the price is worth it."
Albright was promoted to U.S. Secretary of State on January 23, 1997.

This is classic Clinton Diversion Tactics. Hillary and Bill are having a hard time explaining all the money they have collected in speaking fees so lets change the subject. Here is a complete list:

Will Hillary release the transcripts of speeches?? What inspiring words did $hillary have for the United Fresh Produce Association $225,000 6/10/2014, or the American Camping Association, New York Section $ 260,000 3/19/2015.

In spite of the best efforts to ignore or blackout Bernie Sanders by the McMega-Media, he is gaining ground.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Are you delusional, anon. 1:30? Gloria Steinem has publicly acknowledged the funding and support she received from the CIA to get her start. This isn't fiction. It's a fact she acknowledges is true. You remind me of the respected Indianapolis Star investigative reporter who told me that Beurt SerVaas never really worked for the CIA. In his words, Beurt just made up stories about working for the CIA to impress people. No, Beurt SerVaas did not make up that kind of stuff. He was a genuine spook and very proud of it.

Pete Boggs said...

It's thoroughly amusing that the American Camping Association of NY would pay Hillary a $260K speaking fee. Can you imagine her & Bill on a camping trip?

Flogger said...

Interesting also that Barney Frank back in October began down playing Bernie Sanders. Barney Frank also had a role with the Independent Research Service, the CIA front group along with Steinem. Now Barney Frank is becoming more loud about his support of $hillary.

Anonymous said...

I am appalled that anyone would think I would vote for a woman because I am a woman. This woman is the biggest lying sack of crap and it is pathetic that, if she truly wanted to be EQUAL, would pull the gender card out and throw it on the table.

Anonymous said...

Leading the pack in speaking fees is the Donald at $1.5 million a whack. But we can get Jeb Bush at a mere $50,000 - now clap.