Monday, February 08, 2016

Why Peyton Promoted Budweiser

Peyton Manning had three things on his mind after winning Super Bowl 50 that he had to share with the tens of millions of Americans tuned in and watching his Denver Broncos celebrate their win over the Carolina Panthers: kissing his wife Ashley, kissing his twins and drinking a lot of Budweiser beer. Wait, he just plugged a beer product for free after other companies spent millions advertising during the most costly advertising bonanza in television?

Active NFL players are not allowed to endorse alcoholic beverages. He's a man with a plan, and it usually involves his own wallet, even if it means violating NFL rules. Yes, Peyton Manning owns an interest in two Budweiser distributorships in his native state of Louisiana. Budweiser claims it knew nothing about the promotion in advance, but it had 50 cases of its product ready to be shipped over to the Broncos after party. It probably also doesn't hurt that Peyton's BFF, country music star Kenny Chesney, pitches one of the company's products, Corona beer. Just wondering whether Ashley or Kenny got the first kiss after the big win.
There was also a kiss for Papa John's founder John Schnatter. Peyton owns a slew of Papa John's franchises and gets paid to pitch their pizza.

The entire Manning clan was very proud at Peyton's fete. Or were they?
 His facial expressions didn't go unnoticed on social media, where football fans were quick to post memesĀ 
And Carolina's quarterback Cam Newton wasn't putting on any pretenses.


Anonymous said...

Peyton showed his back side in the biggest moment of his career by flaunting NFL rules to promote a beer he doesn't even drink. You are right. It's all about the money for Peyton. Everything Peyton does is calculated. Nobody is going to convince me it was a slip of the tongue and there wasn't something in it for him to promote drinking Budweiser.

Anonymous said...

He likes their horses and their commercials and he may have worked up a thirst....or, could have been taking a page of Sir Anthony Hopkins....Don't lose any sleep over the matter....

Anonymous said...

One wonders what it was like growing up in the Manning house. I've never seen a 40 year old who needs the spotlight as much as our dear, sweet #18, Gomer Huckster. Look for him to be out in LA next year because he's not smart enough to quit while he's ahead. It's not the money. It's the constant need to be the center of attention. Yawn, I'm so over this oaf.

Anonymous said...

The Budweiser comment was very calculated.
Cam will be back and his mother should have taught him some better manners.
I didn't watch the half time and I am glad. I don't need to see Beyonce shaking her half-dressed ass.
If the NFL is serious about stopping concussions and crippling hits, sit a player out half, or the whole season. Roger Goodell cares only about the money and I hope he rots in hell for his lack of concern for his fellow man.