Friday, February 05, 2016

Long-Time Gaming Lobbyist Takes Over Indiana Horse Racing Commission

Only a corrupt state like Indiana would tap a long-time lobbyist for the gaming industry to become the executive director of the Indiana Horse Racing Commission. Yeah, the Pence-controlled body selected Mike Smith, a former insurance salesman/state lawmaker and long-time head of the Indiana Gaming Association as the commission's new executive director. Back in the day, Smith's family owned thoroughbred horses and he was a harness racing jockey so I get that he knows the ends and outs of horse racing. That was many years ago, and he's spent a good part of his life schmoozing it up with the gaming industry, whether as a state lawmaker or as its top lobbyist at the State House. This is just another example of the piss poor government Mike Pence has ushered into state government to our disappointment. We expected that from Mitch Daniels. Pence's corrupt commission members fired the commission's long-time executive director, Joe Gorajec, because he was honest.

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Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait for the Gregg response that it is time for new suckers at the public paps.