Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NFL's Hypocritical Substance Abuse Policy

Another Colts player is released following his arrest for possession of marijuana. According to the Indianapolis Star, Zionsville Police were called to Newsome's apartment on two separate recent occasions on noise complaints. On both occasions, police found Newsome in possession of marijuana after they obtained search warrants to search his apartment.

"Newsome could be facing league discipline after the arrest, and the stakes could be higher if he already is enrolled in the NFL’s substance-abuse program," The Star reports. "Names of players enrolled in the program are kept confidential until they’re suspended." Have you ever wondered why the NFL's policy on substance abuse doesn't apply to the team's owners? If it did, Colts owner Jim Irsay would have long ago been banned from the league.


Anonymous said...

When it comes right down to it, the entire premise of the NFL is exploitative. They exploit young men, leaving many (if not most) physically (and often mentally) debilitated at the end of relatively short careers. They exploit fans with ridiculous licensing fees and viewership models. They exploit taxpayers in the communities which their franchises are located with elaborate stadium deals that take far more than they give back. I noticed years ago that my most intelligent friends didn't care about with the NFL. I tend to pay attention to my smart friends, and so I've pulled back, too. One exception...I'm really looking forward to a federal judge shredding the league and all the hypocritical exploiters over the concussion issue. I will shed no tears when the value of Irsay's franchise, along with the rest of them, plummets towards zero.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that truly intelligent people could not care less about the NFL. What a childish, useless, and exploitative "sport".

It was only in 2015 that the NFL suddenly decided it wanted to pay taxes it once evaded due to its tax-exempt status.

TAX EXEMPT, yes, you read that right. Finally, the NFL realizes their tax-exempt status is no longer worth the PR headaches. How nice of the billionaire NFL and the billionaire team owners to finally pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:09
I think you are misunderstanding who was tax-exempt. It was the LEAGUE, not the MEMBER TEAMS of the league, who paid no taxes.