Sunday, July 20, 2014

Indianapolis Man Kills First Wife And Released After Short Prison Sentence To Kill Second Wife

Tony Rashad Degrafreed
Tony Degrafreed was convicted of killing his first wife in 1994 and sentenced to about 30 years in prison. He served only 12 years of his sentence and managed to find another woman who would marry him. Today he is accused of killing his second wife, Rebecca Degrafreed, by stabbing her to death inside the couple's home on Laurel Hall Drive on Indianapolis' north side. He tried to stab his step-son as well before fleeing the home according to the arrest report. Police caught up with him about a half mile from the couple's home and took him into custody. How many lives will be lost from these repeat offenders before prosecutors and judges start getting serious about handing out sentences that match the crime?


Anonymous said...

I thought the penalty for murder was 60 years, why was this criminal out of prison to repeat the most horrendous of crimes?

Anonymous said...

I suppose Ballard will have Olgen Williams (his favorite orator) do a speech on why we need more Offender Re-Entry efforts....then he'll probably ask the Legislature to soften the Criminal Code a little bit more.

Anonymous said...

some repeat offenders enjoyed prison life so much after their first sentence was served that they commit a second heinous offense to make certain that they will go back there for a second time.