Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beware: False Flags Will Attack

Virtually every war in modern times has been started by false flag attacks. The supposed shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 by a missile in flight between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur in the Ukraine very close to the Russian border is a bit too convenient for the agenda pursued by the permanent war industry folks. The talking head experts are already conflating this event as a Russian-caused tragedy in an energy-rich area where the West has been itching to start another regional war. Naturally, CNN had an expert on hand, Tom Foreman, with a virtual replica of a Russian-made BUK missile launcher rolled into the studio from a warehouse on the back lot for today's breaking news story that is being fingered as the likely weapon used to down an the airliner with 280 passengers and 15 crew members, reportedly including 23 Americans.

The plane supposedly shot down today was not only from the same airline involved in the missing Flight 370 that took off from Kuala Lumpur enroute to Beijing last April when it disappeared without a trace, but also the same Boeing 777 model. This comical prank call to MSNBC's Krystal Ball from a Howard Stern fan posing as a U.S. staff sergeant stationed at the American embassy claiming to have witnessed the missile shooting down the plane is all the proof you need that you simply cannot believe the crap the mainstream media feeds to you every time one of these events occurs, which coincided with Israel launching a ground offensive into the Gaza region.

If this plane was blown out of the sky at 33,000 feet by a missile launched by Russian-backed rebels, if not the Russians themselves, as reported, how is their video footage of an explosion and a large plume of smoke on the ground without any visible trail of smoke in the sky where the missile impacted the plane and would have blown it into pieces before hitting the ground? And never forget that whistle blowers in the investigation of the crashed TWA Flight 800, which occurred 18 years ago today, insisted that the FBI manufactured a story to cover up the true cause of the downing of that airliner. Remember a fact the mainstream media will not report. Every Boeing aircraft is equipped with an uninterruptible autopilot system that allows the aircraft to be remotely piloted without any action on the part of the plane's crew that prevents the crew from controlling any aspect of the aircraft once that system is turned on.

UPDATE: Check out the photo of dozens of perfectly intact passports being found at the crash site. Not credible unless your eyes are wide shut. I'll spare you the images of the intact, uncharred bodies popping up on the Internet that were found in the wreckage that was totally consumed by intense flames from the explosion. Again, not credible. I'm assuming this was a staged event until proven otherwise.

There's also evidence that the smoking gun evidence produced by the Ukranian government in the form of alleged evidence showing a rebel leader talking to a Russian commander about the successful shooting down of the airliner was produced the day before the actual downing of the airplane. Questions are also being raised about why the airplane diverted from its normal flight path route to take it over the war-torn region of Ukraine.


Jeff Cox said...


A missile doesn't necessarily destroy a plane in mid-air, especially one as big as a 777. What it often does is cripple engines, avionics, or flight surfaces, making the plane impossible to fly. The damage to the flight surfaces can also make the plane break apart in flight, strewing debris over a wide area. It will not necessarily destroy the fuselage or fuel tank (remember most anti-aircraft missiles are heat-seeking). An explosion when the plane hits the ground is entirely plausible in such cases. What might be a red flag here is a report I saw that the plane went into "radio silence" shortly after takeoff.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Good points, Jeff. The radio silence, indeed, should have set off alarms given that we were told that Flight 370 remained in the air for several hours after it went into radio silence. One would think that Malaysia Airlines would be monitoring all of its flights much more closely in the aftermath of the mysterious disappearance of one of its aircraft not far from its home base.

Anonymous said...

What would be the point of this alleged false flag operation. There were no Americans on board. We should have no agenda. Its between Malaysia and Ukraine and Russia. I’m fascinated that apparently Russian media are carrying an entirely different story; that Ukraine was trying to bring down Putin’s plane and missed and blew up the Malaysian flight. I know there’s a lot of disinformation out there. I’d like to think these back to back Malaysian airliner tragedies don’t involve the United States at all. And I don’t see the point of trying to draw Putin into a war. I know the Ukrainians owe Gazprom a billion dollars for natural gas, but they don’t need a war to default on that debt and buy from the West. Europe’s natural gas pipelines from Russia cross Ukraine, so I guess the conspiracy theory would involve forcibly separating all of Europe from Gazprom as customers. But that’s a pretty big conspiracy theory. I don’t think America murders innocent airline passengers to win customers from Putin in oil deals.

Anonymous said...

Israel is the most aggressive, confrontational and most pariah state in the world.

Israel's immoral wars against the Palestinians demand world action and retaliation, and Russia is the nearest "big brother" to the Palestinians, fully capable of putting Israel back into its place and fully able to teach Israel a lesson.

A false flag implicating Russian loyalists puts Russia on its back foot and throws off some of its ability to defend Palestine claiming the moral high ground. A false flag against Russian loyalists also takes the world's eye off Israel and its war crimes.

Anonymous said...

"I don’t think America murders innocent airline passengers to win customers from Putin in oil deals."

Are you kidding? Do you not remember 9/11? America brought down three buildings and wrecked one more to get control over Iraq's oil fields.

America is owned by the banking interests who own the private company the Federal Reserve. In the Federal Reserve scheme, every person in the United States pays taxes that are directed out the Treasury, into the Federal Reserve and into the pockets of the people who own the Fed. How did the Fed get its U.S. bond holdings? It paid for them with money it literally created on a computer terminal out of thin air. Really. This is true. This is how the Federal Reserve makes money.

The rest of the world thinks this is a really bad scheme, and they're working to move away from the dollar.

Qaddafi wanted to be paid in gold for his oil and got taught a lesson loud enough for the world to see. Germany asked for its gold back from the New York Fed (See: Die Hard 3) and received less than 1% of it, being told to forget the other 99%. Russia wants to be paid in gold or petrodollars, and the plane next to his in the sky goes down.

The Federal Reserve was incorporated in Delaware in 1913. Like all corporations, it has owners. We know who owns Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Who owns the Federal Reserve?

The separatists stood to gain nothing and lose much from shooting down a passenger jet.

Flogger said...

Having a person named Krystal Ball on a "News" Network would make a good satire for movie.

The Media has been a leader in disinformation since at least the, "Remember the Maine" to sound the drums for War.

The CIA's Operation Mockingbird institutionalized not only the influence but also the direction our Media would take in reporting, way back to the early 1950's.

I am sure today there will be some dated programs aired on Nazi's and World War 2. There will also be some programming on Ancient Aliens, presented by Cable TV.

There will be no Programs aired on Operation Northwoods, or Operation Mockingbird.

So who destroyed MH 17 and why??? We will never know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

Arcing in the center fuel tank is what brought TWA 800 down. I have seen the aircraft and gone through the entire presentation.

As for the idiot Stern fan who called? I love it! It continues to show what stupid puppet heads sit on news sets.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks so much for this report, Gary. Obama is pushing so hard for WWIII, and way beyond stupidly, so many of the American uppercrust think that the shield system will protect America.

Jeff Cox said...

Anonymous 6:36,

By "arcing" do you mean an electrical discharge in the center tank?

Anonymous said...


That's about as credible as the NOVA presentation on WTC 1 and 2 collapse.

Airline fuel tanks are bladders with no free air space. No air, no oxidation. Further, jet fuel is a lousy conductor.

The U.S. Navy most likely shot down TWA 800.