Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Woman Involved In Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal Leads Protest In Daviess County Over Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Sydney Leathers: 'No choice' but to come forward
After U.S. District Court Judge Richard Young issued a ruling last week striking down Indiana's Defense of Marriage Act, paving the way for county clerks across the state of Indiana to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, one clerk in Daviess County, Sherri Healey, refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses until she received an order from a court or higher authority ordering her to do so. As it turned out, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals intervened and issued a stay of Judge Young's order last Friday, bringing the issuance of all same-sex marriage licenses in Indiana to an abrupt halt.

Yesterday, a group of protesters showed up at the Daviess County courthouse to protest the issuance of the court's stay. The person leading the protest in Daviess County was Sydney Leathers. Yes, that's the same Sydney Leathers who played a part in bringing down the political career of U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) when sextings exchanged between Weiner and Leathers became public. Leathers capitalized on her newfound infamy to launch a career as a porn actress. Curiously, the reporter for WTWO-TV News in Terre Haute who covered yesterday's protest seemed oblivious to Leathers' background:
Sydney Leathers planned on being the only protester at the Daviess County Courthouse Monday afternoon.
"I told one friend about it and it just kind of grew from there so I'm happy that we're calling attention to something that I feel is very unjust in the community," said Leathers.
She was surprised by a certain demographic who came out to protest with her and others.
"I saw some older folks from another generation come by and I honestly thought they were here to get into some negative words with us and it actually turned out to be the opposite," Leathers added. "So it was really cool to see people that you wouldn't have expected really be on our side as far as equality goes."
On Friday, the ruling that legalized same sex marriage was put into a stay.
But that didn't stop Sydney and other supporters from protesting.
"I still felt compelled to come out because she acknowledged that she denied people their marriage licenses before the stay was even a thing yet. They were just discussing it but it hadn't went through yet," said Leathers.
See WTWO-TV's Brett Edwards' interview with Leathers by clicking here. On her Twitter account, Leathers claims she is bisexual.
Sydney Leathers @sydneyelainexo  ·  9h
Hi Mom, I told the local news today that I'm bisexual. I know you like to pretend that I'm not, BUT NOW EVERYONE KNOWS! You're welcome!

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I truly hope Ms. Leathers spends a good long time in Washington, Indiana. Being somewhere decent for a while might breed the urban scum right out of her.