Tuesday, July 01, 2014

INDOT Chooses Chicago Company To Operate Indy To Chicago Passenger Rail Line

The Indiana Department of Transportation announced yesterday that it chose Corridor Capital of Chicago over three other competitors to run a passenger rail line service between Indianapolis and Chicago. INDOT will not release any information about what is contained in Corridor Capital's proposal until it has signed a final agreement with the company. The line would offer limited services along the former Amtrak line. It would operate just four times a week and be supported financially by communities along the route, including Indianapolis and Lafayette. Can someone tell me why someone would prefer a more costly train ride to Chicago over the popular Megabus that runs frequent daily trips between Indianapolis and Chicago at low rates? By the way, Corridor Capital's founder, James Coston, is a big political contributor to Democratic candidates in Illinois and elsewhere, which makes his company's selection by the Pence administration interesting.


Anonymous said...

There is a huge negative stigma associated with riding a bus.

That stigma does not exist with trains.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The Megabus has become very popular. You might be surprised at the demographic of the people who ride it.

Anonymous said...

I know the demographic that rides and loves Megabus. Very much not my kind of person.

They won't take Greyhound, by the way.

Pete Boggs said...

Any stigma is a fashion statement; which is commonly parlayed into the fascism of forced public funding.

Responsible handling of the public treasury isn't fashion or lifestyle funding. The public treasury is filled with the working lifeblood of citizens; the irreplaceable property of their life & time.