Thursday, July 31, 2014

CIA Admits Hacking Into Senate Computers

The treacherous and deceitful man who leads the CIA, John Brennan, said it was "beyond the scope of reason" when members of the Senate first accused the spy agency of hacking into the computers of Senate staff members. Now Brennan is apologizing to the Senate after he says he has determined his employees "acted in a manner inconsistent with the common understanding" brokered between the CIA and the Senate. The joke is on us. Brennan says he has forwarded his findings to an accountability board led by, drum roll please, former Sen. Evan Bayh. Does anyone actually expect any real fallout from the CIA's illegal acts? Of course not. The CIA spies on Americans more than foreign threats, particularly persons in a position of power or influence, in order to blackmail them into submission. Don't forget that Brennan is a key figure in the false identity fraud of Barack Obama that has been perpetrated on the American people. An employee of the private firm he ran while in the private sector was accused of illegally gaining access to Obama's passport file for nefarious purposes aimed at hiding facts about Obama's past from the public.

UPDATE: Law professor Jonathan Turley best summarizes this latest transgression:
So let's just keep score. We have the recent admission of [the NSA's] Clapper lying to Congress in testimony. He is allowed to keep his position and even put on the board reviewing the very program that he lied about. We have the CIA lying to Congress about torture and destroying evidence. No one is charged and the man who ordered the destruction is allowed to retire with full honors. We have the hacking of Senate computers and lies to Congress by CIA officials. The Senate then thanks the Administration for not investigating the victims and no investigation is ordered of the CIA officials. It appears, as explained by the pig Squealer in Animal Farm, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


Flogger said...

Another Official In AmeriKa's High Command that has lied. Lets not forget the Crapper oh so sorry a Typo, I meant Clapper. GWB, Dick "Smirk" Cheney, Condescending Rice, Tubby Rumsfeld, and "Colon" Powell all belong in Jail. They started a War with Iraq based upon lies. The Mega-Media endlessly repeated the lies to us. The result was just one more disgraceful episode in AmeriKan History.

Torture is wrong period. I am not naive enough to believe it never happened in one of many prior wars at a low level. What we have here is the institutionalization of Torture. The cooperation by Foreign Countries in setting up "Black Sites" for AmeriKa.

From the Washington Post of July 24th.
Europe’s top human rights court ruled Thursday that Poland allowed the CIA to detain two terrorism suspects at a secret prison on its territory where they were exposed to “torture and inhuman or degrading treatment.”

The CIA brought a number of suspected al-Qaeda members to the prison.
Now here is the twist - the base in Poland is in Stare Kiejkuty. Here is the ironic part this area was once a part of German East Prussia. Per Wiki - "The facility's military uses go back at least as far as World War II, when it served as an outpost of the Nazi German SD (the intelligence service of the SS) and Abwehr." The base is a short drive to Hitler's Wolf's Lair that was in East Prussia, now in Poland.

According to the Guardian Article - Brennan has asked a former committee member, Evan Bayh, a former Indiana Democratic senator, to lead an “accountability board."

Well now you could not ask for a safer choice to uphold the Wall Street-Security-Military-Industrial Complex. Bayh has made a Political Career as a do nothing, and his wife is a Professional Corporate Board Member.

Anonymous said...

Its all terribly out of control and we have to figure out how to get it back under control, or we become a spy state.

Anonymous said...

Elections coming up....Wars continue based on red flags, false flags and oil is the goal. Having said this, I'm sure tit for tat will continue forever and never end.
War Crimes....Time for the madness to end on all our matters of engaging and thwarting and creating.
Evan Bayh? I thought he resigned...

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:04:

We're never getting this back under control. We're Israel's puppet state, and they like us being watched.

The American right is a combination of Israel support borne out of a home-baked, slipshod, wacky Protestant belief in the goofy Old Testament; fervent flag-waving; pro-military and war; and rabidly pro-police.

This combination despises freedom. We're never going to have any restoration of freedom in this country.

Israel will bleed us dry with their Federal Reserve/IRS, and when we have nothing left to give, we'll be allowed to splinter into smaller rump states, and they'll start a credit system of banking in each of the new countries.

At least Jesse Ventura won his case against Chris Kyle. The rightwing wackos are wringing their hands over that bit of good fortune.

Anonymous said...

The time for Impeachment has come.

Anonymous said...

You can't impeach the people who own the country. You can't impeach the people who own the Federal Reserve. You can't impeach a credit system of banking.

You can make the ADL, AIPAC and others pro-Israel organizations register as foreign lobbies, cutting off their ability to fund any U.S. election.

Then, maybe, we can return to government-issued money.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Ah yes, the head of the CIA, John Brennan, is eerily treacherous and terribly deceitful. A shout-out to Ron Paul for his recent public statements calling for the abolishment of the CIA because of all the torturing its employees do. I wish he was president.

Thanks for this report and for all the comments. Washington is occupied by our vicious enemies, and very immoral.