Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SuspiciousObserver's Mobile Observatory Journey Rolls Into Carmel

Regular readers of this blog know what a big fan I am of the work of Ben Davidson's Suspicious Observers in educating and enlightening the public on the powerful forces our Sun and space weather bring to bear on weather events we experience daily on Earth from earthquakes and volcanoes to severe weather, hurricanes and temperature extremes. Much to my delight, the 29-year old Columbus, Ohio resident and and his lovely wife, Katherine, rolled into Carmel's arts district today with their Mobile Observatory to greet his many area fans and well-wishers and engage in wide-ranging discussions with them that could have gone on for days. Davidson graciously took time out for a quick interview with me. The Mobile Observatory's journey across the United States and Canada began in earnest in April. Davidson's goal is to spread his love of science and the vast amount of knowledge he's gained about the impact of our solar system's Sun on daily weather events here on Earth.

In our interview, Davidson discusses his research and that of others that has completely debunked the global warming meme that fossil fuel emissions are largely responsible for climate changes we've experience on Earth in the industrialized era. For at least the past 17 years, Davidson says the data unequivocally proves that global temperatures have not been heating up on Earth despite the constant refrain we here from global warming theorists. To be sure, Davidson doesn't discount the need for vigilance in protecting our Earth from the harmful, adverse effects from manmade pollution, but he is critical of global warming theorists who ignore the evidence that the Sun has been weakening for a significant period of time now, which could just as well lead to another ice age.

Davidson's most fascinating work as of late has led him to develop a model for analyzing solar activity to predict major earthquake events with a relatively high degree of certainty. He shares his thoughts about the impact of the meltdown of three of six nuclear power plant reactors at Fukushima following the great Tsunami triggered by the powerful March 11, 2011 earthquake centered off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean. Finally, Davidson shares with us his thoughts on the Chemtrail phenomenon, which he agrees with me are real.

God must have been listening to my interview with Davidson. Just as I arrived at my downtown home in the Lockerbie neighborhood this evening, the sky opened up and began pouring rain in my neighborhood. Our historic condominium building sustained substantial water damage from the brief but significant rainfall.

If you want to follow the journey of Davidson's Mobile Observatory across our country, you can follow it by clicking here. You can also follow Davidson's informative daily reports uploaded to his YouTube channel to keep up on the latest space weather and how it's impacting weather on Earth.


Anonymous said...

He should travel Central America and more and see the damage from heat waves there the last two summers...Rice is a major export and Costa Rica is especially worried about the lack of rain...Not too mention California, and Arizona right now..
Let's hope too, we don't have another 6 month winter here..
What is his educational background-scientist, astronomer, weather,...

Chas. M. Navarra said...

Thanks so much for this report; I greatly appreciate and enjoy being able to learn of Ben Davidson’s work. How refreshing to hear REAL science expounded versus the lunacy of the uneducated liberal left on the topic.
Many people talk on the subject of “the environment” and “global warming” (morphed in “climate change”) without a scintilla of personal education on the subject- other than the “education” of being emotionally manipulated by the likes of Al Gore and liberal politicians with personal agendas unconnected with actual science. Bringing actual science like this to the table with a liberal is akin to them shrinking and melting in fear like the water-drenched Wicked Witch in “The Wizard of Oz.”
Mr. Davidson’s sharing of essential information on Fukishima, weather/volcano forecasting, and the Chemtrail issue will ignite a passion to learn more solid scientific information in anyone with an open mind and a thirst for real knowledge.

Anonymous said...

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tryexcept said...

Wow, he's really onto something, by adding the effects of solar changes into existing models he's able to refute the consensus with his well-documented research!

All he needs now is to get get his work peer reviewed and published, he'll win a Nobel for sure.

Alternately he's a crank in an RV.

Pete Boggs said...

Tryexcept: Some likely wrote off Paul Revere as a "crank." Also note that engines are started with cranking amps...