Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Irsay Entangled In Divorced Couple's Child Custody Case

A Morgan County judge has ruled that Colts owner Jim Irsay must testify in a child custody dispute. The Star's Mark Alesia and Tim Evans report that Greg Martin has subpoenaed Irsay to testify because his ex-wife, Jami, was living in a home owned by Irsay with his two minor children on the same night in March when he was arrested by Carmel Police for driving while under the influence and possession of controlled substances. Irsay, whose divorce with his wife of many years became final in January, bought the home in February for $1 million according to the Star.

The Martins were divorced in January, 2013 and issues of child support have subsequently arisen in a case initiated by Martin's ex-wife. "As a father, I do not want my children subjected to this type of behavior and lifestyle," Greg Martin wrote. He added that "money does not buy morals or self-respect." In documents filed with the court, Martin sought Irsay's testimony to "shed light on the atmosphere [his] children are living in." Martin claims the children stay with Irsay occasionally and have taken trips with him. He accuses his ex-wife and Irsay of preventing him from visiting his adult daughter and grandchild, who he claims live in a house rented for them by Irsay.

Martin's ex-wife offered to drop the proceedings initiated against him to avoid Irsay's testimony, but Martin, who is accused of owing several thousand dollars in back child support, turned down the offer. "I refused this offer, as this case is about the welfare of my children and being able to spend time with them," Martin wrote in court records. The report says Martin won $1 million in the Hoosier Lottery in 1997, but he has since fallen on hard times as his real estate appraisal business has suffered. Martin wrote in court papers that his home is in foreclosure and he is about "to lose everything [he] has built."

A bench trial is scheduled in Irsay's case for August 28. The Hamilton Co. Prosecutor's Office drew heavy criticism when it declined to file the felony drug possession charges against Irsay after police found a large quantity of controlled substances in his possession following his arrest, along with $29,000 in cash. Instead, Irsay faces only misdemeanor charges for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and operating a vehicle with Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substances in his system.


Anonymous said...

Dig deeper...What a wicked web one has created with many being victims..What a brave father!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what will come out....prostitution often goes with illegal drugs. Incurable social disease goes with prostitution.

Names of participants?

No responsible parent would want their children brought up in a an environment without morals, it is all relevant. Good questions for the witness (under oath) could bring all manners of immoral activity into the court's eyes!

C. Roger Csee said...

"...bought the home in February for $1 million according to the Star."

Thanks to Bart Peterson and Indy taxpayers.