Tuesday, July 15, 2014

IMPD SWAT Team Shoots Gunman Overnight

An IMPD SWAT team patrolling in an unmarked police car came upon a man they say was firing his gun at a car with four people inside at 1:30 a.m. on Indianapolis' northwest side near Harding and Pruitt. The team of two officers and one medic got out of their car and ordered the man to drop his gun according to WRTV. When the gunman turned towards the officers in "a threatening manner," they opened fire on him. The unidentified shooter was taken to Eskenazi Hospital in critical condition. Nobody inside the car at which he was allegedly shooting was hurt. It was unclear if the shooter was able to fire any shots at police before going down according to WRTV.

UPDATE: What a miraculous recovery from multiple gunshot wounds, including injuries to the head and abdomen. Major Davis, Jr., the man charged with shooting Officer Perry Renn, shown being wheeled into court today.

The shooting suspect shot by SWAT team members has now been identified as an 18-year old, Javon Wilkins, who has several juvenile arrests dating back as early as 9 years of age


Anonymous said...



This is outright terrifying. SWAT teams are only to be used rarely, in the most exceptional circumstance. Fully armed military units in regular patrol are the farthest thing from policing.

Unknown said...

Dear Anon 7:10AM:

Please explain where your years of police tactics training and experience by watching TV programs says that SWAT teams are "only to be used rarely, in the most exceptional circumstance."
I didn't realize that was a law here.
BTW, I would consider the rampant crime in Indy to be an "exceptional circumstance."
How about you?

Anonymous said...


Don't wait for an answer. I find your world reprehensible and intolerable. I want no part of it, and I'll do everything I can to sink it beneath the waves. Nothing can be said that will change your mind, so it's not worth the effort.

You're from the Mussolini Caucus of the Republican Party, a faction that has utterly polluted the party and made its candidates unelectable.

SWAT teams in regular patrol belie an incipient martial law state. God help us that the Republicans not only cannot see this, but cheer it.

Anonymous said...

To anon 7:10...you may want to check back into reality at some point.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Davis? He looked in good health.

The recovery time for multiple gunshot wounds is much longer than a week, or two. I didn't see any fluid tubes or racks on him or accompanying him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:10 If you were paying attention this past week, the talking head for IMPD said they had implemented a permanent SWAT Team to be used in areas that are seeing an increase in violent crime. Part of the name SWAT is TACTICS. Use methods that are not usual in an attempt to catch criminals being criminals. Guess what they caught this morning. A piece of human waste doing what he does best. And the Officers did what they do best, they step on waste and get rid of it. We need more of this directed assault on criminals in this city, not less.

Anonymous said...

"Use methods that are not usual in an attempt to catch criminals being criminals."

Yeah, because it's really "unusual" for a couple of cops to go cruising in an unmarked car.

Undercover work and stakeout has been done since the Sheriffs of the Old West.

If cops are cruising in cars, how is this SWAT and not just regular policing?

The 'S' in SWAT means "Special." "Special" is a marked departure from the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:10 and 12:36 a/k/a Cato:

You may want to check back into reality at some point in time. SWAT officers are police officers. I grew up here. Police have always patrolled in unmarked cars.

I laugh at your insipid ignorance. The fact those officers are on a special unit is really a non-issue. The real issue is your support of lawlessness.