Thursday, July 03, 2014

Japanese Lawmaker Breaks Down During Press Conference While Defending 106 Trips To A Hot Springs Resort

A 47-year old Japanese politician, Ryutaro Nonomura, put on a rather hilarious tearful display during a press conference at which he attempted to defend billing taxpayers $30,000 for 106 dubious trips to a hot springs resort located outside his district. The video of the press conference has gone viral on the Internet with Nonomura garnering little sympathy.


Anonymous said...

Kind of reminds me of Ballard explaining and defending his European junkets.

Anonymous said...

. . . councilman Zach Adamson explaining why local landlords should all be registered and fined and inspected and fined again and made to clean up his neighborhood even though all the boarded up houses belong to the city of Indianapolis’ land bank and out of state corporate investors who are not landlords..

Gary R. Welsh said...

Are you kidding, anon. 7:59? When has anybody in the local news media in this town ever called Ballard out on his self-dealing and corruption-riddled administration? I can't recall a single reporter asking him any tough questions during his two terms in office. I've seen nothing but dick-holding interviews. It's a complete joke.