Friday, March 28, 2008

Tully On Carter's Decision Not To Seek Re-Election

Star political columnist Matt Tully gets straight answers on questions which have been burning in many Republicans minds since Attorney General Steve Carter surprised everyone with his Easter day announcement that he would not be seeking re-election to a third term. Carter tells Tully he's neither sick nor the target of an investigation:

I'm not sick," Carter told me when we talked by phone Wednesday afternoon. "And I'm not, as someone asked me, Client Number 10, or Number 8."

It's not a polite question. But it's a fair one, given Carter's quick and unexpected departure from the campaign.

"If you look on the blogs, you can find some creative explanations for why I am leaving," he said. "But, no, this is just a personal decision."

As for a Republican replacement, there's no shortage of candidates lining up to take Carter's place, although Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi has already removed his name from consideration. Tully lists State Election Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, Carter's chief deputy, Greg Zoeller, Secretary of State Todd Rokita and former state Natural Resources Director Kyle Hupfer. Tully speculates that Carter may have lined up a big job in the private sector already. I wonder if he won't resign before the end of his term, allowing Gov. Daniels to appoint his successor and provide a running edge over the candidate's likely Democratic opponent, Linda Pence.


Wilson46201 said...

It's still very peculiar for a supposedly non-controversial media conference to be held on Easter Sunday at the Statehouse. Why the hurry? There is still more to this story than has yet been disclosed...

Unknown said...

I would not rule out that an investigation pushed Carter out the door. I know one case where certain DAGs, including a former supervisor in the office, did some astonishly unethical and illegal things in furtherance of their representation of a government official. The feds were aware of that stuation, but I don't know if they ever pursued it.