Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's Happening All Over Again

It's quite obvious press coverage of our newly-installed congressman in the 7th District will be sugar-coated just like it was for more than a decade with the do-nothing Julia Carson. As Advance Indiana reported on Thursday, Andre Carson's first vote in Congress was for one of the largest tax increases in history. The Star, for the record, never reported on Carson's vote, although the budget vote was widely discussed in the national news media. The state Republican Party put out a press release attacking Carson's vote, which the Star chose to assail in today's "Behind Closed Doors" column instead of reporting on Carson's vote. The item reads:

In Washington, Carson's first day on the job earned him an attack press release from the Indiana GOP, although the release was a little fuzzy on the details.

Indiana GOP Chairman Murray Clark accused Carson of using his first congressional vote to approve a tax increase and a budget with more than 11,000 earmarks.

Carson's first vote Thursday was, in fact, on a quorum -- or roll call. Carson then voted against a GOP budget resolution and then in favor of the Democratic version that passed. (Indiana Reps. Joe Donnelly, Brad Ellsworth and Baron Hill were among the 16 Democrats who voted against the version that passed.)

The budget resolution is a nonbinding blueprint for future spending and tax bills. The spending bills Congress passed last year included more than 11,000 earmarks, but the House hasn't written any of this year's spending bills.

House Democrats' budget plan assumes all of the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 will expire as scheduled in 2010. The GOP alternative that failed assumed the tax cuts will be extended before 2010.

The Star attacks the GOP release as being "fuzzy on the details." You've got to be kidding. The Star uses the excuse that a quorum roll call vote, which is a non-substantive vote, was his first vote to question the accuracy of the GOP press release? And then suggests it really wasn't a vote to raise taxes or approve earmarks? Clearly, the Star's reporters need to do a little homework on what that budget resolution was about. It does in fact create the framework for a massive tax increase and continues to allow budget earmarks. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi originally proposed a moratorium on earmarks as part of the resolution but dropped it after members of her own party objected so strenuously. Isn't this so reminiscent of the Julia Carson years? Every time anyone attacked Julia Carson the tables were turned by the local media and the person doing the attacking was made out to be the bad person. It's starting all over again with Andre Carson.

Even more insulting was that same column's attempt to misrepresent Beth White's performance in Tuesday's election. The column reads:

Tuesday's special election came with something voters haven't been accustomed to the past few years: nothing going wrong.

Despite three Republican press releases sent throughout the day about minor election flaws, the Marion County Election Board escaped the day virtually unscathed.

No ballot shortages, no mass failure of polling places to open, no machines malfunctioning. County Clerk Beth White's predecessor saw repeated election problems, and White's election debut a year ago was called a "catastrophe."

"It absolutely did go well," White said late in the week. "The honest answer is I'm relieved, I guess. We've been on the defense since the beginning of my term."

Again, we have a deliberate attempt by the Star to cover up what really took place. It is a fact that at least 6 precincts did not open on time--in Republican areas naturally. Isn't it true that heavily Republican precincts traditionally vote early in the morning as opposed to heavily Democratic precincts, which seem to get most of their voters in the closing hours of election day? The incredible part of this item is where White acknowledges that a Franklin Township precinct was opened in the wrong location. "A third release highlighted the fact that a Franklin Township precinct hadn't opened on time," the column reads. "The inspector, White said, had opened the precinct on time -- but in the wrong location." So the county spends all that money on post cards to alert voters of their polling locations last week and one of Beth White's inspectors in a heavily Republican precinct just happens to open up the polling place in the wrong location and that's no big deal? The Star apparently thinks so. "But none of the problems drew much attention, and the GOP press releases didn't stick."

What the Star is trying to tell you is that it really doesn't matter when mostly white Republicans are disenfranchised. Republicans petitioned to keep the polls open later in those precincts which did in fact open up late. The Democratic-controlled election board told them to go to hell. Apparently some Center Township polling places which delivered a big Carson vote were allowed to stay open late. Their votes didn't get delivered to the convention center until several hours after the polls closed. The fact remains that in every election she has conducted there have been voters denied the right to vote because of Beth White's mismanagement of elections. That's not a conspiracy theory. It's a fact, even if the Star doesn't give a damn.


Wilson46201 said...

You allege some polls were informally allowed to stay open past 6pm because the Inspectors delivered the materials late downtown. Why did the Republican poll workers at those affected polls permit this (if it happened)? Why didnt those GOP poll workers call Republican lawyers and the media to prevent this?

Veteran election watchers know that inner-city polls traditionally tend to deliver the results late. It doesnt mean the polls stay open late there!

Anonymous said...

Well... two thoughts.

First, the Star's political reporters (except for Tully in my opinion) are either lazy, or are having every bit of substance and nuance edited out of their articles. O'Shaughnessy especially is awful and they recently had Bobby King (their religion reporter) doing political coverage which amounted to three hit pieces on each of the candidates.

Second, YES Republican districts tend to vote earlier. They vote ON THEIR WAY TO WORK in the private sector.

Third, why the heck does it always take longer for the inner-city ballots to get counted (or delivered to be counted)? You would think proximity to downtown might make them the first one but those extra several thousand votes the socialists need to win always come in after the first 50% are counted.

Lastly, credit where credit is due. At least three of our Democrat Congressional Delegation voted correctly on that bill. Andre on the other hand... how does the least qualified candidate with the no understanding of economics get elected. Amazing.

Any ideas on what country we should all be thinking about moving to while America goes down the tubes?

Anonymous said...

Wilson...I use to think that Center and "The Machine" stole the elections...I am now more than ever convinced!

SIX! SIX...Center Precincts show up at 9:54 p.m.? It would be even more incredulous. I hope Beth White doesn't think we are stupid...

Personally I would like to see GPS systems placed on the materials tracking data on the way to the Precincts, as well as the materials trek back to counting locations.

Fortunately we do not have to put up with paper ballot Center shenanigans too often....I bet that WILSON will be crying loudest, bloody murder, when turnout in November is going to show that not even your boastful success in this "special" election will prove enough to beat John Elrod in the traditional precincts that you LOST in this "special" election.

Wilson....You know your worried about a 55% turnout for Repubs and Independents in November....because even you can't get out enough votes to offset the losses you will see in the out lining precincts that ANDRE lost, which Julia typically won...See the pattern where I am going?

John will win a race against Andre in a turnout race, because CENTER can't steal enough votes to offset our turnout....Hard Dems in Center..."The Machine", and Hard Repubs and Indy's will beat you with 55% turnout....I crunched the numbers ididot...

Call this a win for Andre if you want troll, but your canidate doesn't stand a chance in November...Good luck trying to rig November...were watching and reading your voter check in rolls....

Tell me is it that people are leaving and abandoned property rises...but The Machine can still manage to find votes where the census shows negative growth? I am curious how the same SIX precincts show up at 9:54 p.m. and not one word is mentioned in the RED STAR or any of the so called main stream media affiliates?

Shameful Wilson...oh wait...I am sorry, you never had any shame any way...

Anonymous said...

No, John Elrod will not win in a race against Andre Carson because most Blacks in Marion County now understand that the Marion County Republican Party is racist! You can thank Greg Ballard and his sissy boy county chairman, Tom Johns, for that!

Gary R. Welsh said...

anon 1:30, That line is really getting old. Blacks have held prominent positions in government in the administrations of Hudnut, Goldsmith and now Ballard. Would you please explain to me one thing that Tom John or Greg Ballard have done that is racist? Tom John, recall, took a lot of heat for promoting Kent Smith for the at-large coucil seat to the exclusion of other candidates. If you're going to attack their policies or management on substance, fine, but don't drag out that same old race card. It's getting really worn out.

indyernie said...

Come on Wilson let us in on the secret.
How many ballots did you cast after the polls closed?
I'm thinking in thirty minutes you and an accomplice could forge a hundred signatures and cast the ballots. Multiply these “votes” around center township where democrats were posing as republican poll workers looking the other way and keeping their mouths shut...four to five thousand “votes” could be cast and that could sway any election.
So Wilson did you take care of the book or did you mark the ballots?
How many other center township precincts joined in? Maybe some in the Forest Manor area? West of College and just south of 38th? I bet I could guess a few. Come on Wilson, tell us a story.

Anonymous said...

Hey decisive reverse rascist baiter! I can play that game too! Here is a news flash!!!! There are 65% white voters in the 7th Congressional District...I know that 70% of those same white voters are voting for someone other than a person of color or a Democrat....How can you offset that without reaching over to the White Hard Dems. that traditionally vote for anyone with a heartbeat regardless of the issues?

Stop all the hate...Wilson and the County Party can play the race card all they want to avoid issues, but if you think for one minute that Dr. Myers and Dr. Ortenlichter are less qualified than M.C. need to put the pipe down...

Now back to reality...the numbers will not support a Carson win, if you cannot pick up the precincts Jon won away from "The Machine"....You do not have a chance in hell of taking a precinct north of 52nd street in November....You think for one minute that the Jewish Dems are voting for Andre in November?

Lets consider for a minute, if Andre is the canidate in November...and Jon is most certainly going to be the better hope for a similar turnout...I know for a fact based on historical data...Repubs and Indy's will vote at 55% turnout which will be a landslide for JON....

Ask Parker and his lap dog Blonde...they will tell you they are scared of turout...because their whole ticket will be sunk!

You will lose the 7th...You will lose the GUV race...sending Jen into the job market depending on the results of the bar exam...hehehe! Oh wait...I almost forgot...McCain wins big in INDIANA!

I laughed my ass off at Obama's audacity to venture in to one of the most Republican Counties in the entire USA...and you had to ship in a bunch of carpet bagging DEMS from Center and Marion County to show off in the GOP's front yard....hahah! Balls...big balls...but heck after IU lost I needed a good dems are funny...a lot of fun...I actually am glad I stopped and Gary has graciously given me a vine to spout off....Thanks Gary...I needed this...

Unknown said...

I have to laugh when someone comments on the earmarks. Murray Clark knows that those earmarks are from BOTH Repub and Demo AND those earmarks accountant for less than 2% of budget. It's called distraction politics.
Murray needs to take a look at the earmarks for the southern Indiana Reps...