Friday, March 07, 2008

First Elrod Ad Hits The Airwaves

Jon Elrod's first campaign commercial began airing on Indianapolis TV stations today to belatedly combat the barrage of negative campaign ads and direct mail pieces the DCCC and Andre Carson's campaign have been flooding into the 7th congressional district just four days before Tuesday's special election.


Anonymous said...

I received yet another Andre direct mail piece at home today...and it had the Bush/Elrod picture, airbrushed as if they were collectively giving the "thumbs-up" sign.

I seem to remember a few years ago, when a certain white Republican sheriff put out some ads or direct mail, that had pictures fuzzied up, to try to prevent Frank Anderson from getting elected. I thin it was Cottey. He is a goof, and his campaign was reeling over this for weeks.

Center Township Dems screamed from the highest rafters. They cried foul, and they were correct.

Selective indignation? Where is that fair-campaigning standard now, huh?

The Bush-Elrod photo is a truly reprehensible piece of work.

Gary R. Welsh said...

The DCCC is being sued in Illinois by Oberweis Dairy because it is falsely running ads claiming the family business of congressional candidate Jim Oberweis hired illegal immigrants. The DCCC knew it was patently false when it aired the ad, but it doesn't give a damn. The ends justifies the means is the rule of the day for the DCCC. They will do anything and everything to win an election.

Anonymous said...

I just got TWO cards in the mail with a photograph of Jon Elrod and
President Bush. I doubt Jon Elrod has ever met the President.
Carson reaslizes that Tuesday will
make him and his pal Farrakhan -


Anonymous said...

DCCC is the slimiest group around. Candidates should DENOUNCE any ad this sleazy organization puts out on their behalf, but that would take CHARACTER.

Anonymous said...

I'll make a prediction. Elrod will win. The GOP is attacking this election like a primary, going after solid GOP voters. Carson's long list of May primary opponents speaks volumes about the lack of enthusiasm in Democrat quarters for his candidacy. The Dems are anxious to get to May and pick a different candidate for November.

Jon E. Easter said...

No ideas in that ad. Nothing about issues. Just a bit of crying and then self-congratulatory newspaper headlines.

Still, the ads are better produced than Greg Ballard's were, and we all know how effective those were. Sounds like Elrod did his disclaimer over the phone.