Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Carson Turns To Anti-Israel Muslim Fundraiser For Support

Democratic 7th District candidate Andre Carson is already under fire in his bid to take his grandmother's place in Congress for refusing to repudiate an endorsement he received from controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Now Carson is relying on the help of a Washington-based Muslim leader who has been highly critical of an important U.S. ally, Israel. The Muslim Link reports on Carson's D.C. fundraiser:

A crowd of 50 of the top Muslim leaders in the area responded to brother Assad’s invitation including Imam Yusef Salim of Masjid Muhammad; Nihad Awad and Corey Saylor of CAIR; Omar Karim, a local land developer; Khalil Munier a senior congressional staffer, and Rizwan Jaka of ADAMS Center.

Imam Johari Abdul Malik of Dar Al Hijrah, one of the area’s top fundraisers rallied the crowd to support brother Andre. The call was answered with several individuals giving large contributions of $1000 and upwards.

Johari Abdul-Malik, an organizer of Carson's D.C. fundraiser, has accused Israel of engaging in apartheid ala South Africa and urged divestiture of Israeli investments. According to his Wikipedia entry, "Abdul-Malik compared the Israeli separation barrier to South African Apartheid and advocated divestiture from Israel and a moratorium on entertainers who perform in Israel. He accused the Israeli government of engaging in a scorched earth policy." Wikipedia offers this additional bit of information about Abdul-Malik:

Abdul-Malik denied claims that Dar al-Hijrah is a center of Islamic fundamentalism and a center for the promotion of extremist Salafism, but stated his support for Ali al-Tamimi, who was convicted in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia for soliciting others to levy war against the United States and for recruiting for the Pakistani terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Toiba, and the paintball terrorist cell.
Carson's campaign is being funded by hundreds of thousands of out-of-state special interest dollars unlike we've ever seen in the history of an Indianapolis congressional race. The main stream media doesn't want you to know who is financing all of these television, radio and direct mail pieces flooding into the district these last few weeks. Advance Indiana brings the truth to you.

Hat tip to the life-long Democrat who plans to vote in next Tuesday's special election for Jon Elrod for passing this information along to me.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad that the Star is more concerned about keeping the seat in Democratic hands than in covering stories such as this. Thank you...

Anonymous said...

I started reading this, thinking, oh boy, here goes another anti-Muslim slam.

But I was wrong.

There is nothign wrong with being Muslim. But there is something a tad unusual about these Andre contributors.

And the public deserves to know their backgrounds.

Thank you. We won't read this tory elsewhere.

(Notice who's been absent from your blog lately?) (I almost hate to mention it and jinx the good karma...)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely frightening. Would people please wake up and see what is happening in their own backyard?

Anonymous said...

So Gary, are you telling me that Israel does not engage in apartheid? I'd love to hear your enlightened take on the situation.

Your attempts to play on Muslim fears are every bit as bad as the demonstrably false rumors about Mr. Elrod.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Israel is completely surrounded by anti-Semites committed to the annihilation of their people and their nation. If you had to live in fear daily of a terrorist packing explosives walking into a local restaurant or shopping area and blowing themselves up or a missile coming through the ceiling of your home, you might think better of that question. Do I agree with all of Israel's actions? No. Do I understand that extraordinary circumstances require different tacts to ensure the survival of a people? Yes.

ballen said...

Why don't we hear about this in the mainstream media? I understand that there's an assumed liberal media bias but things like this should be too important to sweep under the rug.

Anonymous said...

The "extraordinary circumstances" justification for Israel's recent campaign of terror against civilians in the Gaza sounds like a repeat of the worn-out excuses that have been foisted on American's by the Jewish Lobby for years.

But the fact that Andre Carson is milking these American Muslims for money comes as no surprise.

Mr. Carson has no record of ever expressing any interest in Palestine. He is not qualified by education or experience to formulate any type of policy in the region.

Mr. Carson's main problem is not winning the Special Election against Republican John Elrod. Carson has a huge advantage and even those who dislike him might vote for him due to his racial identity.

Carson, even as an incumbent, is unlikely to win the May 6, 2008, Democratic Party Primary election because his opposition is going to attack him like a pack of vicious, hungry pit-bulls looking to sink their teeth into Carson in order to have one of them emerge as the dominate replacement for Carson on the November General Election ballot.

All the Muslims in Chicago won't be able to save Carson from the humiliating fate he is going to suffer at the hands of his fellow black office seekers who were rudely swept aside when Carson's Democratic Party insider clique selected Carson as their nepotism candidate.

If John Elrod loses badly, the Republican Party would be prudent to find themselves a bigger, and meaner candidate to run next November. Because if Elrod loses once why would you run a beaten horse again?

Now if Hippie Joe Stockett gets 10,000 votes he could really cut into Carson's potential independent voters in the district. Hippie Joe will probably get the biggest chunk of the left-wing anti-war vote as well as all the marijuana smokers in the district.

Now if a slew of Republicans switched party registration to vote for the only real anti-abortion pro-lifer in the race, they would cast their ballot for anti-Planned Parenthood activist Joseph C.Stockett.

Andre Carson's blog expert, Wilson Allen, has even claimed that Stockett burned down Planned Parenthood way back in 1974.

Whereas Andre Carson never saw an abortion mill he didn't like, and he's probably begging them for some cash too because Carson thinks elections are to be bought and abortion clinics have tons of dollars to promote their bloody business.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, hold your horses here Gary. Brother Andre should have support from all sectors of the nation. Nothing wrong with a little fund raising effort among kindred spirits.

America it's time for a change into a truly progressive non secular nation. PC speak for everyone, establish protected legislated classes of citizens, civil unions for all, embrace all illegal immigrants from all nations (the more the merrier), legislate Esperanto as the "Official" language of America, worship no God but revere in State wisdom sponsored by Father Soros. This is the path that America needs to follow to obtain it's rightful place in History. One Nation, One Language, One World for all.

OBama & Carson in 08

Anonymous said...

Plantation politics is the order of the day in Indianapolis. Isn't it obvious?

Julia and now Andre courting the the same contributors. Yes, he has learned well on grandma's knee.
Whatever it takes to win, do it!

Anonymous said...

The financial contributions Andre Carson has taken from known Muslim supporters of terrorist activities is something that the local media has an obligation to investigate and report.
This fundraiser is extremely disturbing and certainly a cause for concern as to what type belief system Andre Carson actually has in comparison to the well crafted spin his campaign handlers are wanting us to see.
This issue isn't about religion or fear mongering. The facts, such as this clandestine fundraiser as well as the public support Carson has received from the Nation of Islam are the issues.
It is now very obvious that Andre Carson is playing the voters for fools. Taking thousands of dollars from and accepting support from American black activist Muslims who threaten the security of the United States and it's allies is not something to be taken lightly or brushed under the rug.
Thank you Gary for bringing this to our attention.
My money and vote will now go to Orentlicher in the primary. Carson cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing. People need to know who they are really voting for before they cast their vote.
You can't candy coat the fact that Carson is taking blood money.
I would like to know the person's name at the Homeland Security Fusion Center that hired Carson because they need to go before a Congressional invesigative committee for his actions.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that Erin Rosenberg is involved taking money from these Anti-Semites.
As someone who is Jewish, I would run as fast and as far away from Andre Carson as possible. Perhaps Ms. Rosenberg should consider doing the same.

Anonymous said...

5:12, you need a remedial course in practical politics.

Jon Elrod is the GOP nominee in the special election, and he is the slated GOP candidate in the May 6 primary.

And Hippie Joe won't get 200 votes.

Back away from the Bloody Mary, huh?

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that Andre will answer to his contributors before serving the people. And that is a problem!

Anonymous said...

Please read this article:


So many people base their opinions about a person on everything but who that person really is. The above article illustrates who Carson really is. He is not Anti-Israel and should not be condemned or denounced because some of his supporters are. Every muslim is not anti-Israel just like every Jew is not Pro-Israel or Anti-Palestinian.