Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright A Big Problem For Obama

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly unveiled tonight some video footage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, minister of the Trinity United Church of Christ church where Sen. Barack Obama and his wife are members, and it is explosive. The Rev. Wright is every bit the racist and anti-American that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is. Obama is very close to Rev. Wright. He and his wife were married in the church by him and he baptized their children. After watching the video footage of Wright blasting white people and lambasting our U.S. government as being worse than the terrorists who struck our country on 9/11 to the roaring cheer of approving church members, the American people need to be asking some serious questions about the true beliefs of Sen. Obama.

Rev. Wright accused the government of hatching the HIV/AIDS to kill off black people. He rejected "God Bless America", preferring instead "God damn America." He accused former President Bill Clinton of doing to black people the same thing he did Monica Lewinsky. He mocked black Republicans like Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell and Condi Rice. To Wright, 9/11 was simply well-deserved retribution for Hiroshima. It is beyond me that anyone could attend a church as regularly as Obama and his wife have attended this church, hold him as such a close friend and not approve of his message. The American people need to hear what Obama's minister has to say in the pulpit. I don't know that I want a person in the White House who would attend a church for the past 20 years which holds such extremist, divisive and hateful views that are so fundamentally at odds with mainstream America. O'Reilly's report isn't uploaded to FOX News' website, but you can click here for the video footage from an ABC report. Here's a news story from The Guardian, a UK publication:

Obama has been a member of the congregation of Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ in south side of Chicago for nearly 20 years, and he drew the title of his book from one of his pastor's sermons.

The pastor's sermons are available for sale at the church and both ABC and Fox News reviewed the addresses.

In January, Wright spoke from the pulpit in praise of Obama's leadership and comparing him to Jesus's struggles under the Romans, according to Fox television. "Barack knows what it means living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people," Wright said. "Hillary would never know that."

He went on: "Hillary ain't never been called a nigger. Hillary has never had a people defined as a non-person."

Wright also took issue with the idea that Bill Clinton had been a friend to African Americans. "Hillary is married to Bill, and Bill has been good to us. No he ain't! Bill did us, just like he did Monica Lewinsky. He was riding dirty." On the Sunday immediately following 9/11, Wright described the attacks as retribution for the bombing of Hiroshima, America's policy in the Middle East and apartheid era South Africa. Obama has told reporters he was not in church on that Sunday.

However, it is the inversion of the line "God Bless America" that may expose Obama to the greatest criticism. Last month, his wife, Michelle, was criticised by rightwing blogs and indirectly by the Republicans' presumptive nominee, John McCain, for saying she had not been proud of being an American for most of her adult life.

Now we get a clearer picture of why Michelle Obama has not been a proud American until her husband's presidential aspirations brightened. Pretty scary stuff when you think about it. Now that the video footage is surfacing, courtesy of Obama's own church, which offers them for sale online, Obama is trying to dismiss Wright as just some crazy old uncle.


Anonymous said...

The scary thing is that there are many ignorant voters...

Indiana's ignorant voters just sent a militant racist to Washington; Marion County has one as elected Coroner.

-If they support this one, I'm afraid to think what would happen...

Anonymous said...

Oh please, Gary...Bill O as a credible source on ANYthing? Or Fox, for that matter. They're just one step shy of CBN as a credible news source. And CBN is about to break another Pat Robertson hurricane story.

This story is old. It's been out there for weeks. Candidates cannot control their ministers, friends, supporters or endorsers. Prompt rebuttals or distancing, is about the best candidates can do. Geraldine Ferraro's inexplicable meltdown is a prime example.

McCain has his Rev. Hagee, who's nuts. Barack has Minister Farrakhan, who's hateful. Hilliary has Bill, who thinks this nomination is their entitled right, and makes stupid, borderline-racist comments.

After the last eight years, it's safe to say: all three potential presidents are smarter asleep than Bush is awake.

I've got my preference, but honestly, I'll take any of the three compared ot the historical disaster named George W. Bush.

And Indiana didn't just send a militant racist to Washington or elect one as coroner. To be accurate: we sent a legacy stooge to Congress, and we elected a buffoon as coroner. But I don't think either is racist. Well, maybe "Dr." Ackles is. But he's more stupid than racist.

Try to keep this all in perspective.

Anonymous said...

There was a SIMILAR story on either NBC or ABC tonight about the exact same thing. (I was flipping back and forth) I sat there and thought, hmmmmm Wright-Farakahn-Carson....kind of sounds like the simple math question, if a=b and b=c than a=c

Anonymous said...

The problem is Indiana's ignorant voters. If people would just wake up, pay attention and use common sense we would get rid of most of the idiots that run the govt. Your right 9:04, we did send a "legacy stooge to Congress" and if people would do the right thing and not just vote for a party or a race or a name then he won't last passed May.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip Anon 9:04 PM.

Candidates can't control their ministers, but they can control whether they attend their churches for 20 years.

If your only criteria for a president is being smarter asleep than Bush awake, then you have set the bar for qualification as low as it goes.

Anonymous said...

Any large campaign, such as presidential, gets checks and offers of support from multiople individuals. If you're a candidate, you probably need to let your staff run cross-checks on all your former organizations' members, church leaders, employers and co-employees, etc.

This will blow over today or tomorrow. But it demonstrates the very raw emotion surrounding the issue of race in America.

If only we were so worked up about George Bush's policies. Think of the mountains we could've moved in 2004, or yet still.

Anonymous said...

Do you think President Bush's religious leader says "God***n America" multiple times in his "sermons"? Do you think any political leader's church says that America deserved the 9/11 murder of 3000 innocents? Do you think any leader of America should have as his minister someone that calls America the USKKK of A? And if so - that they would allow this minister to marry them, attend that church for 20 years and provide lessons to their children?

Now, it is clear why Michelle Obama has never been proud of her country - she heard this racist bigot so called minister preach his hatred of white Americans and our country every Sunday.

Obama said leadership was about personal judgement - he has no excuse for his strong and long association with this man and his African "first" church. He has no business being President, either because of his judgement. Imagine if this was a KKK white supremist "church" and such a member wanted to be President? What is the difference?

Anonymous said...

"Now, it is clear why Michelle Obama has never been proud of her country."

Really? Using what English language yardstick do you get "never" fromher prior statemtn?

Go peddle that racist crap somewhere else. You obviously never were an Obama fan and never will be. Piling on this ridiculous pastor thing, is not only unfair, it's unbecoming in the course of reasonable public debate about the issues.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference anon 11:08? Here's a small one: This man's ancestors were likely purchased as slaves and brought to this country by YOUR ancestors. After decades of subservience, they were finally liberated by arguably the greatest president this country has known. Despite "liberation", legal discrimination continued well into the 1960's (and dare I say illegally continues to this day). That some African Americans who lived through such discrimination may often find it hard to believe better days are here is understandable, even if not acceptable.

The real news here is that this is real old news. Since his days in the Illinois Senate, Obama has made a point to distance himself from some of the minister's sermons, making clear that he and the minister do not always see eye to eye. Obama is yet again acting as the peacemaker, admonishing the past injustices without attacking, while welcoming everyone to a brave new future.

Anonymous said...

OK 1:04 PM - Should we simply agree with Obama's preacher - let's all GD AMerica, the USKKK of A, and blame ourselves for 9/11 - because "Reverend" Wright's fellow Africans might have hekp sell his Great- Great - Great - Great whatever into slavery that has been over for about 150 years - as despicable as that would have been. (You do realize many many blacks have come here of their own free will - don't you)? When might we be able to quit hating the whites and this country in your opinion - another 150 years? - never if some race mongers have their way?

I want to hear Obama say this guy was way over any reasonable line of preaching and totally reject his racist rants. Don't you?

I must say the race card is now officially dead to me after a few personal decades of self guilt. I am betting this 'reverend" of Obama's sounds like a racist bigot to most Americans - black, white, and any other color you want to ask.

As well as to your "Brave new future" - I think you are filling an empty suit with your own desires - however noble they may be.

Anonymous said...

12:06 pm asks "Really? Using what English language yardstick do you get "never" fromher prior statemtn??

And 12:06 further said "Go peddle that racist crap somewhere else"


Racist crap? dare you. Here is her OWN quote by my English language yardstick - what language do you speak? It seems clear to me...unless she may have had some childhood pride she forgot to mention - her statement reads for itself as an adult.

Quote, "Michelle Obama told an audience in Milwaukee that "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country." Unquote.

What part did you not understand?

Jon E. Easter said...

anon at 8:12 p.m.

Are you calling Andre Carson a militant racist? This is slanderous and libelous material.

Andre has never treated me...a white Democrat...with respect and decency. I was at a function just this Sunday where Andre sat down with a group of white voters and answered all of our questions.

It's obvious you don't know Andre, and I take sincere offense to you calling him a militant racist. That's absurd.

As far as the Obama thing goes, I think it's a tempest in a teapot. In our system of government, there's a separation of church and least there used to be. If Obama can get me better health care, improve our schools, improve our world standing, and get us out of Iraq, then his pastor could be Donald Duck.

Anonymous said...

jon, help me out here, "Andre has never treated me...a white Democrat...with respect and decency." Is this what you meant???

Anonymous said...

Rev. Wright is relevant in the same way the GIGO or "garbage in-garbage out" principle is understood. If Obama edifies his soul from a man who gyrates and refers to Clinton as "riding dirty" with Lewinsky, then it tells us something about the content in Obama's soul. But this assumes people agree that churches are for teaching truth and are the "gym" for the soul.

Anonymous said...

All these attacks on Obama's Church are beyond the pale of comprehension! The UCC is a white denomination, for Christ's sake! I belong to the UCC, albeit, a former German Reformed Congregation, but, I'll skip the confusing church history.

Fact is, Trinity is a Church that helps people up, and, not with a hand out, rather, a hand up. Trinity UCC is afro-centric. It's located in a slum. Conrary to the right ring radio dail, the views expressed there are not so far on the fringe as to be the equalvilant of Al Quada member status. The pastor has a point of veiw. Big deal. It's a mission driven chruch and true to its christian and african creed. It's also a MEGA CHURCH. As such, it isn't unlike the holy roller anti-gay/abortion church in Mooresville or in your neighborhood. Hey, it's a UCC and opposes any marriage amendment to any consitition! I am a republican. Small R. To witness these attacks made on Trinity and on Rev. Wright, bother me. They do so because they give credence to Rodham-Clinton's claim that there is a right wing hate machine that is out there ready to smear or attack anything or anybody that doesn't tow the ideology they are pushing. Afterall, they have to churn controversy. Hell, it's probably a cover to get the gay marriage issue out there. Correct me if I am wrong (I doubt it, though) Trinity UCC does what most black chruches don't. It doesn't discriminate agaisnt gays. It welcomes them. Hell, people think! WWJD?

Fox News, Limbo, Hannity and O'Cranky (Catholics), Savage, weirdo Beck, et al, are all in lock step on this issue. I hope it back fires.

Anonymous said...

Quote, "Michelle Obama told an audience in Milwaukee that "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country." Unquote.

Yup, saw her say it on tv. Note, "For the first time...."

You have to wonder if Crazynasty Rev. Wright hasn't poisoned the Obama family well.

Anonymous said...

"All these attacks on Obama's Church are beyond the pale of comprehension! The UCC is a white denomination, for Christ's sake!"

I also belong to a UCC church, 2:11.
We do not assert that HIV/AIDS were created by the White Man to kill the Black Man. Or that The Man caused the World Trade Center catastrophe. And we do not pray "God d***n America.

How do you square what Wright loudly proclaims with being a good spiritual leader? The man preaches hate and victimization.

Forget what the conservative talking heads have to say-- just look at what Wright's own wordws are.

Christian Prophet said...

Obama can lose not if his minister or associates are exposed, but if his THEOLOGY is exposed. See:

Anonymous said...

Muslims Against Sharia call on Senators McCain and Obama to cut all ties with their racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic supporters.