Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rex Early's Advice To Mayor Ballard

Star political columnist takes a look today at Rex Early's newly-written autobiography, "It's a Mighty Thin Pancake (that don't have two sides)". True to form, Early pulls no punches. Tully offers several items from the book. Early has some very sound advice for Mayor Ballard:

Early also takes aim at the big law firms in town, making clear, for instance, that he is worried about the oversized role Barnes & Thornburg managing partner Bob Grand is playing in Mayor Greg Ballard's administration. "I hope (Ballard) remembers that people were voting for him and not a law firm," Early writes.

I couldn't have said it better myself. The book will be available for $19.95 at local bookstores, including the Indiana Authors Bookstore at 36 E. Maryland St. according to Tully. If you don't like Early but still want to read his book, it's worth noting that Early is donating his share of the profits from the book to charity.

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Unknown said...

I thought Ballard wasn't going to appoint the same old Republican attorneys and shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to the same old big law firms that have been fleecing the city for years. And who does he give us? Bob Grand?? Toby McClamroch? Barnes & Thornbugh? Bingham McHale? Rex Early is exactly right.