Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Daniels Writes Blank Check for 2012 Super Bowl

Not to be outdone by the City of Indianapolis, Gov. Mitch Daniels recently signed an executive order which offers a blank check to the NFL and its team owners if Indianapolis is chosen to host the 2012 Super Bowl. Gov. Daniels' executive order reads:

1. The State of Indiana welcomes Super Bowl XLVI and any related Official Events to the state and to that end declares its full support of the efforts of Indianapolis 2012, Inc., to have Indianapolis selected as the site for Super Bowl XLVI.

2. Upon designation of Indianapolis, Indiana, as the site for Super Bowl XLVI, and at all times thereafter, the State of Indiana and its agencies, departments and personnel, agree to provide all governmental services, including without limitation: public safety, security, fire and medical emergency, traffic, decorative display and public works/street maintenance services and supplies that may be reasonably necessary to the success of Super Bowl XLVI and any related Official Events within the State of Indiana's jurisdiction. This would include all planning, training or deployment activities related to the provision of such services, all at no cost, expense or liability to the NFL or either of the two participating Teams ("Teams") (while at the same time, recognizing that because of the uniqueness and extraordinary scope of the Super Bowl, that the provision of such services may be needed at below, equal to or beyond the normal level and range of public safety services generally provided for events held within the jurisdiction).

3. The State of Indiana agrees that neither the NFL, the Teams, nor any director, shareholder, officer, agency employee or other representative of the NFL or the Teams shall be held accountable for or incur any financial responsibility or liability of any kind or nature whatsoever in connection with the governmental services planned and/or provided by the State of Indiana relating to Super Bowl XLVI and related Official Events.

4. The State of Indiana agrees to actively protect against unauthorized promotional activities during the two weeks prior through the week following Super Bowl XLVI and related Official Events which detract from, or interfere with, the promotional activities of the NFL in connection with the Super Bowl Game.
It's absolutely amazing how much our state and local governments are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of our nation's wealthiest citizens--the team owners of the NFL. Doing a little play on President John F. Kennedy's memorable inaugural address, the message from our state and local leaders seems to be: "Let every American know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we the People of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of our professional sports teams." If only we cared as much about the education our children receive, the services we provide to those truly in need and the everyday well-being of the average citizen, we might actually improve the quality of life for the many as opposed to the privileged few.


Bart Lies said...

Tell me again about the millions of dollars events like this bring into the city and how it's inevitably tied into simultaneously giving away millions to the same folks.

We keep getting told this is a 'good thing.'

For whom?

Jeff Cox said...

These are merely procedural moves required by the NFL for a Super Bowl bid. Every city that bids on a Super Bowl makes them. If you want to bid on a Super Bowl, you have to make these procedural concessions. I don't agree with the city's Super Bowl bid or that the it would be in the NFL's interests to locate the game here, but these moves are perfectly within that effort.