Monday, March 17, 2008

CIB Faces Lawsuit Over Sale Of RCA Dome Property

It looks as though someone is as upset as I was to learn that RCA Dome fixtures are being auctioned off to benefit the Colts Foundation and the Indiana Sports Corporation instead of applying those proceeds to the debt which remains unpaid on the RCA Dome, soon to be demolished to make way for an expanded Indiana Convention Center. Attorney Paul Ogden has filed a lawsuit in Marion Superior Court on behalf of Adam Lenkowsky and other taxpayers he hopes to add as part of a class action lawsuit, charging the CIB with breaching its fiduciary duty to the taxpayers and seeking an injunction to prevent the Colts Foundation and the Indiana Sports Corporation from receiving the millions in proceeds from the sale of such things as seats and pieces of the dome and turf from the stadium. You can view a copy of Ogden's lawsuit by clicking here. The lawsuit will be heard in Judge Gary Miller's court.


Concerned Taxpayer said...

You go, Paul!

Russ said...

This auction was just another end run by clueless unelected assholes in county government that completely ignore the wishes of the populace and run their little fiefdoms the way they see fit.

The argument that the CIB gave last night on 6 News is that they don't have the manpower to run this auction themselves, which is why the Colts are running the show. Well, that's fine, except they could have outsourced it (even taken it up to Lafayette Scare to one of those I Sold It on eBay places) or actually put the stuff on eBay like most of the movie studios do with their old props.

Heck, why not even turn it into an internship project or something for one of the local schools? If the kids in New Pal can do it, why can't anybody here?