Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tully: Burton "Premier Embarrassment In All Of Congress"

U.S. Rep. Dan Burton's GOP primary opponent, Dr. John McGoff, gets a big boost via a rather unflattering portrait of the incumbent Burton in the column by Star political reporter Matt Tully. Tully writes of Burton:

McGoff is running against an incumbent who has repeatedly embarrassed his constituents and his state. Actually, his opponent is perhaps the premier embarrassment in all of Congress -- and that's saying something. Burton was elected in 1982 and has made a mockery of his office ever since.

Ouch! He's much kinder in his comments about McGoff:

So John McGoff, the emergency room doctor and former Marion County coroner who is challenging 13-term U.S. Rep. Dan Burton in the May 6 Republican primary, clearly has quite a chore ahead of him.

. . . [H]e is bright, engaging and respected by members of both parties. He can talk about Kosovo, health care and the federal budget with ease and specificity.

Thanks for sharing, Matt. By the way, there is a special election race in Indianapolis next Tuesday. You've been pretty quiet about that race, Matt.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty simple for this Republican:

If I vote for Burton, I get a conservative with lots of unsightly political baggage.

If I vote for McGoff, I get a conservative without the baggage.

Anonymous said...

I support McGoff, but calling Burton a "supreme embarrassment" would mean that Tully forgot who Julia Carson was! Julia was our "Fool on Capitol Hill"

-The ONLY person who came close to her as an embarrassment was Gus Savage.

Anonymous said...

Tully must not be aware of the embarrassment Julia Carson was to this city...remember when she called for international oversight of our elections? -Remember her improper behavior on the House floor?

-Now her grandson with ties to a militant racist wants to go to congress. He is the embarrassment that Tully should be writing about!!!

Anonymous said...

John is an honorable, humble man whose intellect is far superior to any currently in the House. Replacing Burton with him would be a great gain for Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone shocked that Burton was called an embarrassment by Tully. Burton has been an embarrassment for years but the republicans just keep re electing him. They will again this year.