Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tully On Carson's Slash And Burn Campaign

There really hasn't been any serious discussion of just how much negative campaigning Andre Carson has used against Republican Jon Elrod in his campaign for the 7th District special election. To his credit, Star political columnist Matt Tully gives it some much-needed attention today. He writes:

Whatever the reason, here we go again. Democratic congressional candidate Andre Carson is smiling his way through TV commercials and photo ops, while supporters discreetly drop negative fliers into mailboxes across the 7th District.

Carson is all hope and optimism when he stands behind a microphone. Meanwhile, his supporters are using the U.S. Postal Service to do their dirty work.

If you live in the 7th, you've probably received a few mailers sent by the state Democratic Party on Carson's behalf. They seek to make sure we all know Carson's opponent, Republican state Rep. Jon Elrod, would destroy the country if elected to the congressional seat long held by Carson's grandmother.

"Jon Elrod would privatize Social Security . . . risking your guaranteed monthly benefits by gambling them in the stock market," reads an inaccurate Carson mailer sent out last week.

To amplify the point, the mailer includes an image of a torn Social Security card. Yes, that type of puffed-up political spin is sure to spur a healthy discussion of one of the nation's most important, and politically thorny, programs.

The Democrat's politicization of social security every damn election is the reason Congress cannot find a permanent fix for the broken system. Retirees get their benefit increases every year, while the solvency of the system becomes ever so precarious. Carson's campaign has devoted so much time trying to scare senior citizens because they know senior citizens as a group are the most likely to vote in what will probably be a low vote turnout on Tuesday. Who cares if his campaign mailers deliberately lie to voters about Elrod's position? As long as he wins on Tuesday, that's all that matters to Carson and the Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Carson's a democrat. What else could you possibly expect? This is how they play their game.

All that matters is that they win. The means doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight, you will pardon the pun...

Three days before an important election. The state newspaper's political columnist writes yet another fluff piece without interviewing anyone, doing any actual work, and relies solely on the megamail we've been getting in our mailboxes.

(Yawn) This is different, how?

In the Behind Cl osed Doors column, I believe it is Brendan O'Shaughnessy's item about city legal fees. Which leaves unasked or unprinted a huge question: Does this B&T contract for almost a quarter mil, include all outside legal work? (Answer: of course not) Thanks for breaking a sweat, guys.

Our Star is morphing into McPaper--lazy reporting--right in front of our eyes.

Anonymous said...

The looming financial holocaust of entitlement programs is the single biggest threat to the stability of this country. The shameful demagoguery of Democrats on this issue is preventing serious discussion of solutions. It is the most irresponsible thing a political candidate can do for the good of this country. Andre Carson has proven himself just another run-of-the-mill, win-at-all-costs political hack by using this issue to frighten people. And he's lying about his opponent's position. When the ratio of Social Security payers-to-beneficiaries is one-to-one, we can look back and blame political lightweights like Andre Carson for the generational war that will ensue.

Anonymous said...

Carson on Inside Indiana, Sunday morning, March 9th, 2008.

"I'll vote to finance the Iraq war"....." I will vote to allow young workers to have 'privatized' Social Security investment accounts" ...."I talked to the 'Generals' about the war in Iraq"......" I don't know Louis Farrakkkan"...."I want change in Washington" and blah, blah, blah...all enough to get yours truly Democrat Hippie Joe here to vote for John Elrod even if he is a Republican. I like John Elrod. he be way cool.

Anonymous said...

Please vote Tuesday. The weather will be nice so there is little reason that you cannot participate in this important election. Carson lacks experience and has ties to a
racist that stain his electability.
I don't want that seat going to the GOP but I cannot vote for Andre
Carson. Maybe the Democrats can come up with someone more electable that Andre Carson in November.
Again, please vote. Nothing is more
important than this civic responsibility - nothing.....


Anonymous said...

The looming financial holocaust of entitlement programs is the single biggest threat to the stability of this country.

The future results are basically written in stone: Massive civil unrest on epic proportions.

The simple fact is that I look at my friends who are in their mid-20s to early 30s. They are almost all limiting themselves to two kids, maybe three. Then I read these stories about these women in the slums. Some have three to five kids and they are only in their early 20s. The chances are great that all their kids will end up on welfare. All one has to do is the math: There will not be enough producers to provide for themselves , their kids, and all of the governments kids (ie: welfare types).

There is not much that can stop this from coming. The government will try their best to keep it from happening. The current property tax situation is an example of trying to keep folks from rioting (in this situation by selling their homes and fleeing the urban centers of the state). The government figures if it can share the burden, it will prevent a massive exodus of the haves from the urban centers.

The next thing will be a "well, we know we told you tax free and all, but we are just going to _have_ to take your 401(k) and IRA earnings. Oh, and your distribution on your Roth IRAs will also be taxed." They won't make it part of an income tax, but they will be taxing all parts of these investment vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Every one of those politicians (Democrats) that use not reforming social security as an issue, have money in investments of all sorts-and they know that people build wealth that way.

Anonymous said...

Come on people lets give the voters more credit then to believe the drivel that the Carson campaign is churning out. Lets hope that due to the low turn out for the election that the more informed voters will show up to cast their votes. Let the chips land where they will and just make sure you vote for who "YOU" perceive to be the best man for the job. Of course a vote for Elrod cancels out Wilson's vote ;) Now what more of a public service could you provide! :)

Anonymous said...

Andre graduated from an IPS alternative school, got his BS degree from an online college, and brought his MS at IWU. If the seventh district voters put him in office, this would be like elected Bugs Bunny for President. This is sinful!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, anon 7:57: That's no fair. Bugs Bunny earned his success with his wits and street smarts. There was no nepotism and resume padding at Warner Brothers!!

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 7:57. Tell my boss that Indiana Wesleyan is a diploma mill! It's kicking his butt!