Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Make That 14 Killings In The Last Two Weeks

A double homicide last night on the City's Near Eastside brings to fourteen the number of people murdered in Indianapolis over the last two weeks alone. Less than a week ago, the City was on track to record 116 homicides this year. After the most recent spurt that number has jumped to 124. Making matters worse, a key witness in one of last year's murders disappeared under mysterious conditions yesterday shortly before he was scheduled to testify in court. Mayor Greg Ballard's initiative to combat crime is called "Peace In The Streets." These past two weeks have looked more like "Blood In The Streets."


Bart Lies said...

#66 occurred today around 9am.

Another home invasion they wait sounds. Do we have a turf war going on, or just a lot of animals with no regard for human life?

Bart Lies said...

That's just so funny how I managed to type, more or less phonetically, what I was attempting to write.