Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Design Problems With Lucas Oil Stadium?

Last night's storm left part of the new Lucas Oil Stadium under up to three feet of water after the building's drainage system suffered a failure. Construction managers say the retractable roof and the building itself didn't fail, but something clearly was amiss. Areas affected by the flooding included an electrical room, a data center, meeting rooms and loading area. WRTV's Norm Cox said construction managers offered no assurances on whether the discovery of this problem would in any way impact the completion of stadium construction in time for this year's season opener for the Colts.


Bart Lies said...

Two things stand out here:

1. Only 'three of 20 drains' didn't work but there was as much as 4ft of water in the basement.

2. That was NOT a huge or prolonged downpour.

It makes me wonder what it was like a month ago during that massive, flooding rainstorm.

Advance Indiana said...

If there had been flooding before last night, you would think we would have heard about it. It appears there was a significant failure which just materialized during last night's storm.

varangianguard said...

I've heard rumors that there are significant water problems in certain parts of the lower levels.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Don't panic fokls! Don't worry! The Peterson Plan has a solution to this problem.

"Only 3 of 20 drains didn't work..."

Duh-h-h-h. That's like saying, "It's no problem...only three of the 20 bullets fired hit him."

Bart Lies said...

Maybe it was dismissed as a fluke, a one-time thing because 'construction isn't finished.'

Maybe the second time, eyebrows were raised.

guido said...

The CIB says for another 1.5 million they can get new gutters with leaf guards.