Friday, July 18, 2008

Campo Wins 7th District Nod

The 7th District GOP committeepersons chose Gabrielle Campo to replace Jon Elrod as the general election congressional candidate to oppose U.S. Rep. Andre Carson. There were 77 eligible voters at tonight's caucus. Campo won it on the second ballot over her five male opponents after falling a few votes short on the first ballot.


Unknown said...

Sorry to say this- but not only will Andre Carson mop the floor with her, he's actually doing a GREAT job in Congress.

Wonder who sold this bad idea to Campo.

Jon Easter said...

What is her bio?

indyernie said...

Sorry Mark but Carson isn’t doing a great job for Indiana. Raising taxes and following the orders of the liberal congressional leadership in voting decisions isn’t a good job. You haven’t set a very high bar for Andre to step over.
I want a congressperson who will vote his constituency. I want a congressperson who can help bring jobs to Indiana. I want a congressperson who will represent all in the 7TH, not just those who supported him.
Any moron can follow. Indiana needs someone who can lead and that isn’t Andre Carson.

Jon Easter said...

Well, I'm guessing that she must not have much of a bio. I saw a couple of video clips on her campaign announcement, and I just would like to say that I respect her for running for such a lofty office at 27. It's clear though that she will likely not be able to match the charisma of Congressman Carson who despite what indyernie says IS doing a fine job for the people of the 7th District.

If you want "jobs for Indiana" you should be going and talking to the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor for that.

Just heard the donors of RV1 are laying off 1,000 workers and moving operations out of state. That should tell you something about where we are.

André has been able to secure some federal funding for city programs as well as stand up for our seniors in helping to overturn the President's veto of the bi-partisan Medicare bill. The Republicans are going to have to find some new lines for André because the same stuff they used to try to place on Congresswoman Carson don't work anymore.

indyernie said...

Jon you need to get your facts right.

Right out of the box without more than seventy two hours as a congressman Carson voted for a tax increase.
I'm sure that the citizens of the 7TH wanted to pay more taxes just after the property tax fiasco.

Just a couple of months ago Andre Carson hung up on a constituent during a phone call and refused to help keep three hundred railroad jobs in Indianapolis. Why? Because he thought that the caller was "baiting him". Later after the Union got involved Carson did an about face only to be too late to help.

The only job description that Andre Carson has been able to do effectively was to keep the strippers in the local clubs in check and to enforce liquor laws. Ironically in doing that he was compromised by scandal. I wonder why?

If Andre Carson is a good example of a congressman then your standards are very low.

Granted job development is the Lt. Gov’s job. But in the states where the congressmen work hand in hand with local government the job markets prosper.

Wilson46201 said...

IndyErnie has previously called our new Democratic Congressman André Carson "a traitor and a terrorist" -- with accusations like that why would anybody take Ernie Shearer seriously?

Jon Easter said...

Still waiting for anymore info on Ms. campo. I know she's a social worker, but what does anyone know beyond that? Anyone?

Unknown said...

Jon Easter, you lost me when you used "charisma" and "Andre Carson" in the same sentence.

Is this the same "charisma" that Evan Bayh has? If so, you might want to look up the definition of the word "charisma." It does not mean "empty suit."

artfuggins said...

IndyErnie, Andre is voting the wishes of his constituency. that is why he will be re elected by a large margin. Andre does have lots of charisma and has already brought improvements to the city. Flynn, I agree Bayh has no charisma and no depth.

Sean Shepard said...

First off. I agree that Andre has charisma and it is an asset to him.

I do not agree that he is representing the 7th district, but he may be representing half of it at the expense of the other half (nothing new in politics).

Ultimately the question here should be that EVEN IF if the wishes of the constituency are socialism in clear violation of the United States Constitution or higher taxes in direct conflict with good economic policy, should he still vote for those things?

A "great job" in Congress would be working to return us to a free country based on self-reliance, hard work, sound economics and equal OPPORTUNITY (not "outcome") for all. Voting to spend more money on government programs when the country is already approaching financial disaster is not leadership, it is assisting our government in committing suicide.

The problem Campo is going to have, as is already being well written about, is that the 7th District is basically a throwaway race to the Republicans and probably will be until the districts get redrawn in about 3 years. Expect Indiana to lose a House seat by the way.

Unknown said...

Sean, I don't know what constitution you're reading, but mine doesn't pick "capitalism" or "socialism" as an economic operating system.

Socialism, while a completely ineffective economic system, most certainly is not prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.