Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Does Size Matter?

A couple of Democratic blogs are featuring a video of Gov. Mitch Daniels entitled, "Don't Want No Short Man Mitch." The photos give one the impression the knock is on Gov. Daniels' short stature. Those familiar with the original song by Gillette entitled, "Don't Want No Short Dick Man", understand what size means and it has nothing to do with a man's height. The uncensored version of the song makes that abundantly clear, if the title doesn't.


Downtown Indy said...

All this time, I thought that helmet size mattered:


(that's just meant for fun folks, don't get all steamed up about it.)

Shofar said...

This video shows just how weak the Democrats and Progressives are politically. If you can't find a legitimate reason to criticize a person, make fun of his physical characteristics.

If the Dems and their operatives would spend as much energy fielding qualified, decent, honest candidates as they do on trying to quash discussion and making fun of others, they might actually have some credibility.

Jeff said...

You know I am so sick of this game. We need to talk about issues not about someones height or weight or thier personal lives. We have much work to get done and this stuff drives me crazy. And if this is financed by the party then I hope Dan Parker cleared it with his boss Evan as I am not sure he is much taller then the Guv. I mean give me a break. But let's not think that the useless name calling stuff is one sided.


artfuggins said...

I am no fan of Evan Bayh but he is over 6 feet tall. I think Mitch barely clears 5 feet.

indyernie said...

Mitch may be short in statue but his accomplishments are greater then all three of his democratic predecessors combined.
If his height is all that the democrat party can throw at him then they must be very concerned with their choice to run against him.
After four more years as Governor Mitch needs to kick Bayh's butt and take the senate seat away from him.
Four more years of Mitch and Indiana will say... Bayh who?

Jon E. Easter said...

These types of things are funny, but they aren't really called for.

It goes both ways. The "You Tubers" were really unkind to Julia Carson, Beth White, and others, too. There's also a You Tube vid out there about Jill Long Thompson, too.

M Theory said...

I finally watched that video and there is absolutely no content to it whatsoever. I'm not at all surprised that Jen Wagner promotes it. Would not surprise me if she had a hand in its creation.

The video did show the governor in lots of situations with people around the state. Looks to me like the Governor works hard and they only thing they can find to criticize is the man's height.

My bitch about the Governor is that he does not enforce the Constitution, our laws as written. That's his job. His job is to govern the government, not govern us.

Anonymous said...

Hoosier Political Report is irrelevant. Unless I am missing something, there are never any comments to the articles. A week ago I decided to visit to see if maybe people started commenting/discussing the articles. I saw one article with 7 comments, it was the same spam message over and over. I went back today since you provided a link. Still nothing going on there.

If you can't find a legitimate reason to criticize a person, make fun of his physical characteristics.

I guess Democraps only care about feelings when the joke is about a person's race, creed, sexual orientation, or gender. Wonder if they make fun of people with birth defects or mental retardation?