Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who Is Russell Foundation Helping?

According to the Russell Foundation's website, the nonprofit doled out an estimated $277,500 in grants and contributions in 2007. The following Indianapolis area organizations received a grant or contribution for the indicated purposes:

Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church
15 passenger van (value of donation), steel refrigerator, sanctuary upgrade

Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
15 passenger van (value of donation)

Heather Norris Family
Family Support

Upon This Rock Productions
Annual Cast Banquet

Healing Streams
Ministry Programs

Drive-By Prayer Vigil
15 Passenger Organization Detailed Van (value of donation)

Community Relief
Tax Assistance, Clergy Support

Homeless Persons
Food, Clothing, Shelter

Youth Groups
Summer Camps, After-School Activities

Emergency Services*
Furniture, Rent, Utility, Heaters, Personal Items

Be Nice Campaign*
Community Evaluations & Surveys

RF Thanksgiving Celebration
Baskets & Gift Certificates

Christmas Support*
Indigent Families

Total RF Grants & Contributions for 2007*


Fair View In News said...

The Russell Foundation obviously is committed to community support programs as relected by this verifiable contributions list. And the Grant site shows interest in supporting grass root agencies, with an intended date for request for proposals.

It appears start-up capital was used wisely to develop offices, staff, and operations, in addition to providing community support.

It is reported that ongoing efforts related to project funding continues, and will come to fruition. If these grant opportunities can be executed, Indiana would experience the most stimulation to the alleviation of poverty, and many of the social ills stemming from poverty.

Bishop Russell is the visionsry of these community projects of support, and I applaud this blog for reflecting in the news, this Foundation's acts of kindness.

RhaDigga said...

YOu will soon see that The Bishop( who is not a bishop nor a pastor his father is) is behind all of this and is suing Bateman as a fall guy. If Bateman had any of this money his church would not be in need of things, He wouldnt live in the same house he has lived in for 30 years, he wouldnt be concerned with gas prices. The truth will come out soon. This is not the first time the fake Bishop has been in hot water!!!
Not only is he a cheater he is a liar and a thief
Scratch a lie find a thief!!!

I WAS THERE said...

Ha, Ha, Ha,

Hey Michael Russell, you ain't foolin' nobody anymore. It's you hiding behind "fair view in news."

Nobody else is self-righteous enough to believe that the small list of questionable contributions you listed qualify as being: "Obviously committed to community support programs."

C'mon! Those small contributions were all made to orgs and people with some attachment to you!

It doesn't take an accounting degree to see that those nominal "verifiable contributions" are insignificant in the wake of the windfall spending demonstrated by RF.

No reasonable logical or legitimate operation could remotely define or justify the exorbitant expenditures racked up by your foundation as being "wisely used".

Tell me, why does a leader of an organization to alleviate poverty need customized suits, and monogrammed/engraved jewelry???

I defy you to name one way that the money you spent to enrich yourself was an advancement for people without?

The "vision" of Michael Russell was to enrich Michael Russell.

The "community support" was Michael Russell.

It seems Michael, or should I say: fair view in news: you didn't even have a roof over your head, and no form of income before you decided to take from the rich and give to the poor; YOU.

An accounting of all legitimate foundations small and large shows that all contributions are accounted for and do not benefit any of the so called executives.

Your continued rants of RF's efforts to alleviate poverty are a SLAP IN THE FACE to legitimate orgs like the United Way and others who scrimp by on meager budgets; accounting for every penny to meet their goals.


The recent passing of Lucious Newsom... is a testament to true selfless devotion to alleviation of poverty.

That man didn't even fix his own teeth... (By the way, how are your teeth these days???)

RhaDigga said...

'I was there' I wish you would contact me so that we can talk. I am investigating this whole debacle. From the shady Bishop to his ex wife Florence Alexander. Please repond and maybe we can talk by phone or face to face.