Monday, July 14, 2008

Andy Martin Claims He Forced Obama To Admit Illegitimacy

Sen. Barack Obama has represented to the American people that his mother married a Kenyan, Barack Obama, Sr., and that they were later divorced when he was just two years old. But Obama antagonist and fellow Chicagoan Andy Martin is now claiming that a new book he is about to release forced Obama to admit that his parents were in fact never married. The marriage claim, which has been repeated often, is described on Barack Obama, Sr.'s Wikipedia entry as follows:

On February 2, 1961, Obama Sr. married a fellow student, Ann Dunham in Maui, Hawaii. She did not know that he already had a wife in Kenya. Their son, Barack Obama, Jr., was born on August 4, 1961. Two years later, Obama Sr. was accepted at Harvard for graduate study. He moved to Massachusetts, unable to afford to take his wife and son with him. He and Dunham divorced in 1963, divorce filed in Honolulu, Hawaii in January 1964, and he only saw his son again once, at age 10.

Martin, in a press release today, says Obama used his wife, Michelle, to make the disclosure of his illegitimate birth because he knew that Martin planned to debunk the marriage claim in his book about to be released, "Obama, The Man Behind The Mask." Martin said in a statement today:

Obama knew we were working the 'illegitimate' story, and we were preparing a series of news conferences in conjunction with my book "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask," The Obama campaign also knew we were planning a lawsuit over his illegitimate birth. So they tried to use Obama's wife to do damage control. It was one of the most cowardly gestures in American political history.

Jesse Jackson does not have to perform surgery. Obama is a 'girly man' who used his wife to ooze out the truth about his lies and his parents' lies. What kind of a commander-in-chief would the cowardly Obama be? Who would follow a leader into battle that was afraid to admit his parents were not married?

Barack Obama, Senior, and Anne Dunham never married. Obama knows this fact. This is also why he keeps his white grandmother a virtual prisoner; she knows too, and she won't lie.

Through the past several decades Obama has pretended he 'didn't know' the facts about his illegitimate birth. He thought he could get away with the big lie. And he almost did get away with it. But we kept digging. And we are still digging. We have more to come.

Martin's press statement does not say when Michelle Obama made the disclosure. However, on July 10, the Huffington Post quoted Michelle as saying Obama's mother was single when she gave birth to him during a public roundtable discussion. "His own mother, she said at the beginning of her remarks, was 'very young and very single when she had him,'" the Huffington Post wrote. "And, Obama added, he has observed his wife's attempts to reconcile motherhood with her career aspirations."

In the scheme of things, it is irrelevant to Obama's candidacy whether his parents were married. I guess the real question is whether he has intentionally deceived people about this fact over time. And if he lied about this matter, what else is he lying about? It seems pointless to lie about this when it was already known that his father had other wives and children in Kenya that he never supported. Obama has been caught in other lies about his father, including a claim that he was a goat farmer, another claim that the Kennedy family brought his father to America and yet another claim that his parents got together and created him because of the march on Selma, which didn't happen until several years after Obama's birth.

A pro-Hillary Clinton blog, TexasDarlin, has been raising questions about Obama's birth for weeks now, including whether he is a "natural born" citizen as constitutionally required of a person to serve as president of the United States. TexasDarlin is also raising questions about Obama's alleged dual citizenship. The question doesn't involve Obama's Kenyan citizenship by virtue of being the son of a Kenyan as has often been raised in the past as you might expect. Instead, it raises the question of whether Obama was adopted by his Indonesian step father and what the resulting implications of that would mean to his candidacy. Obama moved to Indonesia with his mother after she married his Muslim step father when he was six. TexasDarlin is planning to run a story on this subject later this week.


Jenna said...

This is silly. Barack Obama said in his own book that he wasn't sure if they were married. And he said the same thing in an interview for that biography of him "From Promise to Power". He has ALWAYS said that. So there is really no controversy here.

Advance Indiana said...

Convenient thing to say now, Jenna, The Obama folks distributed the specific dates and place of the couple's marriage and divorce. If he knew they weren't married, why would you bother with such details. An Obama blogger, Ray, hit this site just the other day to provide the specific date and places for the marriage and divorce.

artfuggins said...

I think it might be a little difficult for an unborn child[Obama] to know the specific details of his/her parents marital status. In the past more than now, births to unwed mothers were kept secret. In the scheme of things, whether Obama's parents were married or not has NOTHING to do with his ability to be our president.

Advance Indiana said...

A child living an imaginary life doesn't bother me. An adult running for president does.