Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Superdelegate Andrew Misled On Residency; Didn't Vote In Indiana Primary

The former head of the Indiana Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee misled the public when he announced on the eve of Indiana's Democratic primary in May that he was changing his allegiance from Sen. Hillary Clinton to Sen. Barack Obama. The late move miffed the Clinton campaign and Sen. Evan Bayh. Andrew was originally slotted to be a superdelegate from the State of Maryland, but he convinced party officials to move his superdelegate status to Indiana based on the understanding he supported Clinton for president. When Andrew announced his switch, he was criticized for no longer being a resident of Indiana. WISH-TV's Jim Shella notes Andrew's defense then:

"I was born here. I own a house here and I happen to work in Washington just like every United State Senator and Congressman does," said Andrew.

Well, not quite. As Jim Shella points out, the Carmel house Andrew once owned is now owned by Colts owner Jim Irsay. Shella also reports that Andrew did not vote in the Indiana primary because he isn't a registered voter here. "Several attempts to contact Andrew for comment, both at his Washington law office and through associates in Indianapolis, were unsuccessful," Shella reports. "Should Andrew be in the Indiana delegation to the Denver convention?" Shella asks. Here's the real shocker. Andrew didn't vote in the Maryland primary, either.


Bart Lies said...

Taking advice from the Brent Waltz Handbook of Bad Ideas, is he?

Jon E. Easter said...

Well, if he's a Superdelegate, than he's a Superdelegate somewhere. Where is he a Superdelegate? Maryland? I suppose he should be seated there as a supporter of Senator Obama.

Interesting story. Let's see where it goes from here.

artfuggins said...

It doesnt matter. He gets a superdelegate vote by virtue of being a past National Committee chair...he did not take an Indiana vote...his automatic vote was added to Indiana which increased Indiana´s delegation by one vote......his support of any candidate did not enter because again,.....his vote was automatic.

MissouriDemocrat said...

All these guys were Bayh clones. Doesn't it surprise anyone that the microwave soured the milk? He is as unworthy to represent the average guy as the guys holding public office of both parties. We need to totally clean house of both parties and find men/women interested in the people.

Jeff said...

This is the kinda stuff that drives me crazy. If you don't live in Indiana anymore you don't live here. Everyday I am getting closer to joining Jesse Ventura at the "None of the Above" Party.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Andrew is nothing more than a plutocratic aristocrat who only seeks to be on the winning side.

He saw the writing on the wall and realized Obama would be the nominee.

These politicians are all the same; in it for themselves whilst spending millions to pander to the collective "people groups".

Shame on us for falling for such transparent tactics. When will we learn?

Don't Tread on Me,


40-Year-Old Blog said...

It seems hypocritical to be a Superdelegate is you're not willing to take the time to vote.

Indy4U2C said...

So what's new about corruption in The Democrat Machine?