Friday, July 11, 2008

McCain Sees Opening With Women; MSM Moves Against Him

The deep fraction which developed this primary season between Sen. Barack Obama and women voters who backed Sen. Hillary Clinton has provided an opening for Sen. John McCain to win over more women voters than recent Republican presidential candidates have succeeded in doing. Sen. Barack Obama and his political master David Axelrod understand this. What better way to undermine John McCain than to drag up dirty laundry from his nearly thirty-year old divorce from his first wife. Yes, Obama and Axelrod found friends at the LA Times to dig up the dirt, even though his ex-wife is having no part of it. Earlier this year, friends of Obama at the New York Times feebily tried to make the case that McCain was carrying on an affair with a lobbyist. Of course, there was absolutely no substantiation for the allegations contained in the story, but it ran on the front page of the newspaper anyway.

This is a continuing pattern in Obama's campaigns. He did this to his leading opponent in the Democratic primary race for the Illinois Senate in 2004. He did it again in the general election against his GOP opponent. Obama and Axelrod peddle dirt about the marriages of his opponents as a matter of course, but just let anyone step forward and raise questions about Obama's own infidelities and the Obama crowd rains down on them with cries of racism and stop at nothing to destroy those who would speak the truth. The mainstream media won't touch sex and drug allegations against Obama, but it will peddle anything handed to it by the Obama organization meant to discredit his opponents. This is how it is for anyone who runs against Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, back home in Chicago, the Sun-Times provides yet another story of Obama's politics as usual aptly entitled, "Obama's Field of Broken Dreams." Read it and learn about a wasted $100,000 grant Obama secured from the State of Illinois for a useless botanical garden promoted by a campaign contributor in a burned-out neigbhorhood in his district. The campaign supporter blamed Obama's failure to get the other $1 million he promised to deliver from the government for the utter failure of the project. Taxpayers got one of those wooden gazebos you can pick up at Home Depot for a few thousand dollars and a patch of weeds for their hundred thousand dollar investment. True to form, a spokeman for Obama blamed someone else for the mess. He blamed the Democratic governor and his Republican predecessor. The spokesman said:

"It is clear that Englewood residents have not been able to benefit from a completed community garden," Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said. "Sen. Obama will. . . do everything he can to ensure that the Englewood community gets the resources it needs to provide its residents with a livable neighborhood."

But the Sun-Times haunts Obama with his own words from 2000. "On Jan. 14, 2000, Obama and Smith announced the Englewood Beautification Plan at Englewood High School. Obama promised to help raise $1.1 million," the Sun-Times reports. "He was running then to unseat U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, but lost in the Democratic primary." Nothing is ever Obama's fault, is it? I guess that personal responsibility he likes preaching to fathers doesn't apply to him. It's something you should know about him, and there's plenty of evidence of it. But the mainstream media's love affair with Obama won't let you hear about it now, will they?


Wilson46201 said...

NO pro-Hillary supporter would be supporting anti-Choice McCain. It aint going to happen!

Advance Indiana said...

You obviously don't read what the pro-Clinton bloggers have to say about Obama and their intentions this November. The attacks against Obama on the Clinton blogs makes this blog look like a walk in the park for Obama.

Zappatista said...

I am no Obama fan, didn't vote for him, and not sure I can. BUT, this reads like a paranoid ramble. How does any one entity take, or get, credit for political press? Oh, ya the "liberal" press in America...hmmm Well, it has been pretty well proven that not too many folks really care about infidelity, or divorce. Obama promised a garden, McCain lies during fundraisers (I named the Steel Curtain!!, albeit 10 years before it was such). Does it really matter anymore? Seriously, "change" is not change. Same old, same old. NO ONE really cares to make a change, they care to feed their ego's and profit in the long run....unfortunate on all sides...

artfuggins said...

There are a few bitter losers who backed Hillary and are spewing hate on the blogs but the vast majority have mourned their loss and are on board with Obama because they now that McCain would be 4 more years of Bush. That is why I sent Hillary $100 to pay her debt. I am no fan of hers but she is honoring her committment to the party and we should help her with her debt.

ruth holladay said...

If the MSM is pulling strings on behalf of Obama, how do you explain stories critical of Obama in (most recently) the Sun-Times and Boston Globe?
Also, for the record: the Banner Graphic of Greencastle has run several anti-Obama columns/stories of late, prominently placed. No joke, people in rural areas vote, too, and our local paper is providing no balance, just syndicated "think pieces" about Obama's flip-flops, his name, his leftie leanings, etc.
Also: John McCain's past, including his divorce, is fair game, as is Obama's past. These all strike me as typical stories, not hatchet jobs. (Altho I agree the NYT piece on McCain and lobbyist was a smear job).
I do believe some of the TV MSM has been pro-Obama, but then Fox helps balance that out.
Just another day in the fact factory, in my view.