Tuesday, July 01, 2008

McCain In Town, Should I Care?

Sen. John McCain made his second trip to Indianapolis this year to speak to the National Sheriffs Association. My e-mail box had a couple of messages from the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama explaining how Sen. McCain was weak on his support for the nation's law enforcement officers. There were a couple of e-mails from other Democrats spinning against Sen. McCain on other issues like trade. I found zero communications from the McCain campaign--the same number of e-mail messages I've received from his campaign since it started. I've been observing presidential campaigns closely since 1976. I can say without a doubt that McCain's campaign is the most incompetent presidential campaign I've observed for a Republican candidate. If this guy's campaign can't figure out how to communicate his message to the very people he is counting on to help him get his message out to win this election, he may as well throw in the towel now. What a joke. Can someone in his campaign get a clue?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Gary. I almost signed up for his site (for similar reasons as you). As you know, I am no McCain supporter, but I agree with you that he needs to get moving in the right direction if he truly wants to be competitive in November.

M Theory said...

There is a Bob Barr money bomb today. Bob Barr is the only answer in this election for real conservatives.

Keep voting for the republicans and democrats and you will keep getting what you always got.

You want REAL change, then DEFECT from the two party system and take yourself (and your vote) out of the problem.