Friday, July 18, 2008

Ballard Has Plan To Clean Up Police Department

Public Safety Director Scott Newman announced a plan to get tough on bad cops in the wake of more than a half dozen police officers being arrested since the first of the year for a variety of crimes. "Nothing can substitute for honest men and women who understand thattheir career as police is a sacred trust they hold for the public," Newman said. "Still, it is incumbent on us to make sure that every safeguard is put inplace to channel those men and women in the right direction, and to helpus find out quickly when they have gone the wrong direction." "We are ashamed of the actions of the few, but we are proud of the actions of the many, and we won't hesitate to use these measures that we announce today and others to make sure the bad apples are plucked out and tossed aside." Here are the steps Newman outlined at yesterday's press conference:

  • More intensive supervision of officers in the field.
  • Tighter accounting and inventory controls of search warrants and seizures of drugs and money.
  • Bringing back the previous practice of polygraph tests for officers assigned to narcotics enforcement, vice, intelligence and property room.
  • Creating the position of recruiter in order to ensure the departmentattracts the best, high quality candidates, including establishing apresence on college campuses.
  • Establishing a staffed Office of Career Development with the task of guiding officers toward more directed career goals, cultivating management and leadership skills, and providing more consistent evaluations and training.
  • Requiring performance evaluations on a regular basis.


artfuggins said...

Dont forget his 1000 yard signs which is all that he has been able to come up with so far.

Anonymous said...

This is an ok step, but it's sort of like closing the barn door after the animals have escaped. Given the level of corruption under Peterson that your blog correctly pointed out last year, Ballard and friends should have aggressively taken these steps immediately upon taking office. That way, they might have been ahead of the IMPD corruption issues, instead of having to play defense after the dirty cops were outed. Peterson was undone partly because he became entirely too reactive a mayor in his second term, and it's distressing to see Ballard going down this road in less than half a year.

David Myers said...

Crime in Indianapolis

Posted at Indy star:

If you remember last year tax protesters filled the circle to voice their concerns about taxes. But let this year with 69 homicides in our city, I see no blogs or post where they are planning any kind of action on crime. Sixty nine and counting and that’s only homicides. How many more crimes happen in this city each day?

I would like to see citizens letting their voices heard about crime in this city. I would like to see citizens fill the circle to let the criminals that we are not going to take this lying down. Would anyone be willing to start what you could call a protest like we did on property taxes? If so I am open to suggestion. You can view my blog (witch has my email address) and I would like to hear you comments about the above subject. I will also leave my email address:

If I do not get any feed back then I guess you are not interested in forming some kind of event.

Gary I would have emailed you this first but I had no email for you.

guy77money said...

Hi Gary, Geez I found your email address although it is a little hard to find. Gary if you could add it to your profile it would be easier then googling it or clicking on the links. David you are right we need community policing. I feel maybe a officer from your community and one of those officers to be (can't remember what they are called) would ride together. The senior officer could pass on his experience and the rookie (you know the guys who aren't paid or in the academy) would gain from their experience. Instead we have these kids (well they aren't all kids) pulling over people on the interstate for speeding. Dang protect my neighborhood and use the money from the feds to finance the speeding tickets. Just a thought.

guy77money said...

Hi David if you could add your email address on to your blog profile that would be good to. I tried to email you with a question and it got bounced back. Are you sure is correct?

Chandler said...

I find it interesting that most of the corrupt, incompetent police leaders who helped Jerry McCory, Bart Peterson and Frank Anderson to destroy the police department currently hold leadership positions under Greg Ballard? So now he is going to clean up the police department using the same incompetents to "clean it up", What a joke! Scott Newman can start by going back to his DNA Lab to continue profiting from city taxpayer dollars!

David Myers said... is my address